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His argument hinges on the fact that monetary authorities, being incapable of anticipating such lags with any degree of precision, can be guilty of errors of commission more serious than the errors of omission to which a well-chosen rule might commit them.
If not for the pseudonym of the writer, the connection from Abraham Steady to Abraham Thrifty might seem tentative, but the emphasis is similarly on the disorder in the house.
This underlying fear is expressed in Kant's denial of the guest, the guest is dangerous because 'he might become a member of the native household for a certain time' (Kant 1991, p.
11) Interlude performances would frequently have occurred in the great hall, often as part of a larger program that might include dining, dancing, musical performance, and other sorts of entertainment.
The Palestinians have for long been at the receiving end of Israel's US-supplied military might.
The woulds and mights have also become history, replaced by language about the way the Committee views the balance of risks to the forecast.
He laughed: "It might seem a daft thing to say but I think we were a bit fortunate.
Although sometimes there might not be a big crowd, the band still enthusiastically performs their various types of music for those who want to listen.
7) As one might expect in recusant circles, we have evidence of a complex transmission chain through secret Catholic networks, using materials printed in the Jesuit presses and/or involving acts of copying at various stages.
Or, there mights be something utterly foolish in a nation arming its manpower and going off to war for abstractions.