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DJOKOVIC'S impressive victory over Nadal in Rome showed that he might have what it takes to dethrone the King of Clay.
Our mothers could not help us; our teachers sometimes served as examples of one of the only work lives to which we might aspire.
The history of conflict situations ranging from the case of Palestine to that of Kashmir has proven time and again that states, especially those armed with military might, will pay lip service to international opinion, but only as long as it serves their own purpose.
The woulds and mights have also become history, replaced by language about the way the Committee views the balance of risks to the forecast.
It has been a season of mights and maybes, could haves and should haves.
After jazzin up his days as one of Navy Band New Orleans' top trumpeters, he spends his mights playing in some of the "Big Easy's" best-known clubs.
Thou sayest yf thou a friend could finde that would thy lands and goods defend that now thou mights lose before thy end thou wouldst serve god without feare Thou dost esteeme thy goods above God that made all things to move this is plaine Idolatry will I prove mocke not with God my Deare.
The other Marriott Hotel in Burbank would have simpler rooms designed for guests staying one or two mights.
Or, there mights be something utterly foolish in a nation arming its manpower and going off to war for abstractions.
But also, you understand the caution, and the qualifiers that pepper any conversation about the arena: Ifs and mights and maybes, and we'll see what happens.
Prosecutors claimed thousands of people would have died in an unstoppable wave of suicide bombings on mights from Heathrow to North American cities.