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The acquisition of Simply Migrate will offer customers and prospects a faster, less expensive and more reliable path to the Mimecast cloud.
Wealth Migrate, a global online real estate platform, has said that it has appointed Steve Plimpton as its head of Business Development for the U.S., a new role to help establish the firm's American presence.
Last year, nearly one in three North Africans (32%) said they would like to permanently migrate to another country, up from 28% in 2016.
Political birds migrate with incentive of better opportunities from one party to other.
The only girl in a family of boys, her family supported her but she did not want to share her plans to migrate with her family as she suspected this might get them in trouble.
So, much like the birds, we have continued to evolve and continued to migrate from analogue to digital, lower to higher resolution, CRT to flat screen plasma and LCD.
(2,3) Soon after birth, postmitotic neurons are generally thought to migrate radially from the ventricular zone (VZ) in the orientation of the radial glial processes by radial migration.
Ingested foreign bodies that migrate extraluminally are rare.
SIR - People migrate when they are starving, fearful or oppressed.
NodeSquirrel created the open source technology, Backup and Migrate. Currently, Backup and Migrate is used by more than 300,000 websites and organisations to enable scheduled backups of their entire website.
The current release (v3.4) allows enterprise clients to easily migrate public folder data to public folder mailboxes within Exchange 2013 or Office 365.
Using computer simulations, Stefan Lines (University of Bristol, UK) and colleagues determined that most of these planets likely migrate in from farther out.