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In this article, we report a rare case of an ingested fish bone that migrated from the upper digestive tract and into the soft tissues of the neck just below the skin.
Horner is one of the many paleontologists who believe that the large dinosaurs lived in herds and migrated, in search of new forage.
The HSM engine may keep track of where migrated files are physically located, or it may leave pointers at the original file location on the primary device to indicate where the file was moved.
This allows inactive files to be migrated from a NetApp NAS to other designated NetApp storage partitions, to external ATA/RAID subsystems, and - through CaminoSoft 'special editions' - to industry-leading fixed content archival systems.
ANTs migrated a legacy application previously running on an Oracle database to the ANTs Data Server, providing significant cost reduction.
Consider how insurance companies store client forms on-line for two years to comply with government regulations and ensure responsive customer service; but after the retention period is passed, this data is migrated to off-line tape storage.
Quest Maintains Leadership Position in Notes to Exchange Server Migration with More Than One Million Mailboxes Migrated to Date
Warm data is migrated to a near-line storage device, such as a low-cost, high-capacity hard drive or an optical disk jukebox.