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Other evidence on the North Slope, however, suggests that the Alaskan dinosaurs may not have migrated far from their final resting place.
This file object now takes up much less space (1 disk allocation unit) instead of the full size the data, which may be multiple megabytes or more, When a user or application retrieves a file that has moved down the storage hierarchy, the data lifecycle management solution retrieves the data from the migrated target location in background and returns the data to the user application with minimal latency.
0 of Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange is available now, with North American pricing beginning at $10 per migrated mailbox (USD).
More than 70 percent of our data automatically migrated to a lower-cost tier of storage without requiring any human effort for data classification or movement.
This hydrogen energy company, which migrated from Russia, has developed a patented electro hydrogen generator and is the GEP's latest new client win.
Data Progression automatically migrated 85 percent of our data to lower-cost SATA drives without any manual intervention, resulting in an immediate payback and increased performance and availability on our Fibre Channel disk.
Ron Langer, VP of Global COBOL Sales, Fujitsu Software Corporation, remarked, "It's still a commonly held belief that mainframes provide the fastest performance available, but our experience is that everyone who has migrated to Windows servers using our software has seen a significant improvement in performance.
We were also highly impressed with the presentation and readability of the migrated source code, which enabled our development staff to confidently support the AiM .
CHICAGO -- Today, Fujitsu Software Corporation has announced a number of key customer successes in mainframe migration including Euronext (European securities exchange), Galmed (major Spanish manufacturer of galvanized steel), and Stockholmshem (property management to 60,000 Stockholm residents), all having migrated applications in production using NetCOBOL, NeoKicks and a JCL migration solution.
Working to create the optimal file services environment for the Computer Systems Laboratory at Stanford University, Manager of Distributed Systems Charlie Orgish and his team designed a tiered storage model that will enable data to be migrated to the optimum storage device according to usage.