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The process of compacting files when migrating is minimal when compared to the cost of DASD.
However, to remain competitive and deliver more value per application dollar, CIO's and technology managers face mandates to reduce these costs and drive business agility by migrating CICS/COBOL applications to a more modern and extensible platform.
The Kern National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1960 to replace a fraction of those vanished wetlands and provide habitat for migrating and wintering birds along the Pacific Flyway.
The availability of our Zero-Downtime Operations solution to organizations migrating to HP Integrity servers running HP-UX, ensures real-time access to mission-critical information.
Companies interested in migrating to iSeries and taking advantage of the new Server Express should visit www.
Drivers who never admit they're lost or ask for directions may fancy themselves as skilled as migrating birds.
The addition of live conversion capabilities to VMware Converter provides customers with a powerful tool for migrating into a virtual environment," said Brian Byun, vice president of global partners and solutions for VMware.