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SQL Server 2005 Integration Services: Migrating Data for Business Intelligence augments existing Learning Tree courses, including SQL Server Reporting Services: Presenting Data for Business Intelligence, SQL Server 2005 Comprehensive Introduction: Hands-On, SQL Server 2005 Server-Side Programming: Hands-On, Hands-On Crystal Reports and Introduction to Programming with .
The challenge is that carriers want to buy this equipment now and protect that investment when migrating to IP -- all within a single product.
This effort has already paid dividends for BUPA Australia, who saved $2 million a year by migrating business applications from an IBM mainframe to a lower-cost UNIX Sun Solaris platform running Micro Focus Server and Oracle Database.
Many corporations run business-critical applications on multiple databases and face similar dilemmas as Worldspan did when migrating to a new platform," said Larry Humphries, vice president, application and database management solutions, Quest Software.
that are interested in migrating customers from traditional "PSTN Last Mile" to "VoIP Last Mile" connections.
By migrating to a Windows-based platform we were able to reduce our expenditure and increase our investment in other areas.
There is a large number of sort operations driven by DFSORT commands today that could really benefit from the power of Nsort, but migrating them to a Windows server platform requires supporting the JCL and batch COBOL programs.
Cadence Collaborates with Cray Migrating Full-Custom 90nm Memory Arrays and Cell Libraries to Save 6 Months Development Time
PlateSpin Migrate enables IT organizations to become the ultimate service providers, as they can respond to changing business demands by migrating workloads quickly and seamlessly, while improving their capacity management and asset utilization.
Out of about 5,700 known species of dragonflies, as many as 50 species fly to warmer places for the winter, just like migrating birds do.