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Presented as a "toolkit for policy makers and practitioners who face the challenge of improving the capacity of their country to manage migration," this three-volume manual from the International Organization for Migration presents migration management concepts and issues.
Yet with the passing of each year and each decade, and with the emergence of new generations of migration scholars, the challenge is gradually being met; collectively we are paying increasing attention to the neglected aspects of Italian migration and in so doing we are redefining some of the major contours of the subject as well as capturing its finer nuances and subtleties.
In Africa another phenomenon, "circular migration," is occurring in which relatively prosperous and peaceful nations such as Tanzania accept migrants and refugees from neighboring countries.
Lifecycle management is emerging as an essential discipline for streamlining the storage consolidation process from initial planning to automated migration of data and information resources over their useful life.
Due to the dramatic growth in data storage requirements, data migration has become a costly and mission critical event," explained Mike Hogan, General Manager, Imation Storage Professional Services (SPS).
Rodgers's Canaan Bound: The African-American Great Migration Novel is an important work of literary criticism and history whose major contribution is its re-introduction of little-known novels such as George Washington Lee's River George, William Attaway's Blood on the Forge, Curtis Lucas's The Flour is Dusty, Carl Offord's The White Face, Waters Turpin's O Canaan
It is important for us to consider those implications, and I take for this purpose Salgado's exhibition as my opening text since it helps to define the public mental space usually occupied by children's migration in the context of globalization.
Sun established the NT to Solaris OE Migration Program as a result of customer demand for solutions based on open standards, and the growing need for a more reliable and scalable platform capable of handling today's robust, mission-critical applications.
Widows in White: Migration and the Transformation of Rural Italian Women, Sicily, 1880-1920.
Unix software developer SCO last week unveiled the UnixWare 7 Migration Portal to assist resellers and developers in optimizing applications and solutions for the UnixWare 7 operating system.

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