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With a flexible architecture that ensures investment protection and seamless migration paths, the Emulex SAN connectivity solution for HP BladeSystem ensures end users may continue to leverage the Emulex-based technologies they have standardized on for reliable and flexible SAN connectivity," said Mike Smith, executive vice president of worldwide marketing, Emulex Corp.
Other items that could be a factor include the need for a clear migration path and backward compatibility (critical in the success of DDS) as well as the form factor of the cartridge (users like the small size of DDS tape).
Moving large production projects to the C++ language requires a clear, safe and incremental migration path that allows users to protect their investments in C code.
And its direct migration path to Esker DeliveryWare offers an unparalleled opportunity to keep pace with the growing demand for individualized business communication.
Providing customers with seamless migration paths for BI from release to release of their enterprise business applications is fundamental, but oddly enough this is not what the industry at large provides," said Noetix CEO Morris Beton.
11a radios address both issues by offering a flexible and upgradeable Access Point platform that is designed to provide a migration path to higher performance wireless networks.
Travan has a migration path, but the gap between the TR and NS series is closing, not widening.
The dsPIC33 family gives MCU people an easy migration path to DSP performance.
availability of the Vx 570 countertop payment solution, providing a next-generation migration path for users of the VeriFone Omni 3750 and filling out the Vx Solutions product family, which now includes a full range of countertop and wireless systems.
These proprietary repositories usually provide no migration path and become a trap for media" continued Russell.
While offering a migration path to SystemVerilog, CTB provides extensive support for the OpenVera language enabling customers an easy migration path without requiring any changes to their existing design or methodology.

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