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NetWare Migrator - for speeding migraion from Novell NetWare to Windows NT 4 or Windows 2000 environments.
Tweet This: Quest Notes Migrator for #Exchange enables @unomaha to complete email migration in less than one month @Quest bit.
The Dashboard Migrator facilitates the migration process by allowing organizations to migrate to Design Studio early and leverage their existing Dashboards components and dashboards in the new environment.
Metalogix delivers a better way for IT administrators to quickly move their on-premises content to Office 365 with the combined release of Metalogix Email Migrator 3.
According to the company, the new MetaVis Migrator for SharePoint enables users to copy sites, lists, libraries, folders or individual items between SharePoint environments for consolidation, upgrade or compliance purposes.
NetIQ NetWare Migrator also gives IT administrators the ability to select target OUs for objects that are migrated from NDS into Active Directory or even migrate entire NDS OU subtrees to Active Directory.
Transend Migrator, while still able to migrate data via MAPI and IMAP, is one of the few email migration products on the market to integrate with Microsoft's Exchange Web Services.
The APOS Migrator for Crystal Reports 2011 and 2013 joins a set of migration-focused APOS Migration Accelerator products designed to simplify, automate and accelerate migration to the latest 4.
Just five weeks before the planned migration date, the company turned to Quest s Notes Migrator for Exchange and was able to seamlessly migrate all 4,200 users, on schedule, with no disruption to other campus email activities.
According to the company, customers will have the option to buy a drive pre-loaded with CA Internet Security Suite 2007 or a combination of both CA Internet Security Suite 2007 and the CA Desktop DNA Migrator 2007, called CA Secure & Store Flash Drive.
Quest[R] Notes Migrator for SharePoint - Best SharePoint Product or Service
Under the terms of the agreement, RadioShack will distribute three of CA's utility software titles, including eTrust Internet Security Suite for complete PC protection, eTrust Antivirus for antivirus protection, and Desktop DNA Migrator for PC data transfer and backup, making CA the only in-store software currently offered by RadioShack.