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The state agency noted that over 350 species of migratory rare wild birds fly to Kyrgyzstan annually.
The Consular and Migratory Consultation Mechanism is the main forum for dialogue on consular and migratory issues, created within the framework of the Strategic Association Agreement signed on August 14, 2009 and in force since 2011.
Migratory birds are major players in the ecosystem as they pollinate plants, disperse seeds, and consume insects and small mammals.
RIYADH: The Saudi Falcons Club (SFC) concluded a two-day "World Migratory Bird Day and the impact on plastic on birds" forum on Monday.
The exhibition, which took place yesterday, included a set of pictures showing migratory birds flights and the danger of plastic pollution on them to stress the need and action against excessive, unnecessary use and detrimental disposal of plastic.
Coordinated throughout the Americas by Environment for the Americas, World Migratory Bird Days aim to bring people together around a common cause: the conservation of birds and their habitats.
While migratory birds are a sight to behold, these dive for fish and prey on fingerlings, threatening the harvest of fishpond operators.
He said the migratory birds face many challenges in Balochistan as most of ruthless people hunts the birds especially Chukar.
The migratory birds usually arrive in Pakistan at the end of August and begin leaving in February.
Decline in the number of migratory birds at the delta lakes of Sindh year is worrisome.
Migratory birds were spotted particularly in El Grine then in El Bibane, the Gulf of Guellala and Ras Rmal.
Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam kamal Khan has taken immediate notice of illegally hunting Siberian migratory birds Sand Grouses in the deserts of Nushki district directing district's Deputy Commissioner to take strict action against those involved in illegal hunting.