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I found some of it hard to endure, though I am a mild-tempered man; but, certainly, when I told the captain to "shut up" I had forgotten that I was merely a bit of human flotsam, cut off from my resources and with my fare unpaid; a mere casual dependant on the bounty, or speculative enterprise, of the ship.
It was a rookery which had never been raided by the hunters, and in consequence the seals were mild-tempered and at the same time unafraid.
Her father, a mild-tempered, narrow-chested, anaemic little clerk, domestic because of his inherent disability to mix with men, had done his full share toward giving the home an atmosphere of sweetness and tenderness.
It is said they are mild-tempered, but once they are agitated they tend to explode and their anger is hard to control.
Euclid Tsakalotos, the mild-tempered professor who was appointed as Greece's new finance minister on Monday, is a clear change in style from his combative predecessor Yanis Varoufakis.
Hundreds descended on the windswept venue for the first competitive game between the two clubs - Ballymena Intermediate League side Rathcoole were only formed two years ago - and the natives were treated to a keenly-contested but unusually mild-tempered derby which was lit up by three wonder strikes.
But are the aggressive dads siring babies earlier, or do their babies just grow faster than their more mild-tempered wombmates?
Even though one saw plenty of pocket-sized dogs -- enough Chihuahuas and poodles -- it was these mild-tempered Arabian desert hunting hounds that really stole the show.
Michael Llodra of France is usually a mild-tempered fellow, but in his close match against Ernests Gulbis of Latvia--a match he won--he seemed to be out of sorts.
LEOMINSTER - The uncle and grandfather of the 18-year-old Berrington Road man who allegedly fatally stabbed his 21-year-old brother Sunday said the siblings were close and mild-tempered.
Supporters say the new chairwoman of the State Board of Education is a mild-tempered, fair leader who is well suited to oversee the fractious board.
Rude drivers, inconsiderate co-workers, disobedient children, unexpected bills--triggers like these can make even mild-tempered people hot under the collar.