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And while Patrick was touting the strength of the GOP's red seawall against the Democrat's blue wave, Milder was ringing another bell.
We expect the milder weather to shift the snow on Wednesday, with a bit more rain and getting cold again at the end of the week," he said.
Later in the week low pressure may push close to our north and with some heavy rain it could mean some snow on hills that could well lead to a significant upland fall for this time of year, before milder air pushes back for the weekend from south.
It will feel noticeably milder on Thursday with temperatures approaching the norm for the time of year - before temperatures shoot up to the mid-teens C during the weekend sunshine.
The opener, Austin, sets the tone with just the trio, before Milder joins them in a gracefully flowing Sudovian Dance.
Of this last, the Hawthorne that Milder presents is an interesting test case for the blurring of these major literary modes in the period; even if I am not in agreement with Milder on his overall sense of Hawthorne as a failed realist (my assessment of Milder's position, not his own phrase), I find his analysis of these modes and their significance as well as their relationship to one another stimulating.
we want to offer our customers an ingredient that allows them to formulate products that are well protected, milder, and thus skin-friendly.
8% in the 13 weeks to December 30, as the milder weather meant drivers bought less de-icer and windscreen scrapers.
Outbreaks of rain on Monday will bring milder temperatures for the beginning of next week.
The milder air is due to arrive by the middle of the week, after snow showers across the Pennines and Scotland clear.
This small study supports what we already know: immunized children are healthier, and, if they develop the disease, generally have a milder case.
Mr Gromett said: "It is set to change a little with some milder conditions but there's a bit of pain before it does so.