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1F since December 1, making this the mildest winter since the 42F recorded in 2007-08.
Dave Clark from the Met Office said: "It's the mildest Christmas Day for Northern Ireland since records began.
Then it's feet-up with a small sherry, and screaming blue murder at even the mildest of physical contacts, starting with the pre-match handshakes.
are a very technique behaviourist Victoria Stillwell, who holds annual dog bite prevention conferences and also has her own dog training TV Show in the US, said: "Alpha rolls are a very outdated technique that exacerbate aggressive responses mildest of responses even in the mildest of dogs.
It's true his fencing improved as the race wore on at Kempton, but none of his three opponents could apply even the mildest pressure in the straight, and that won't happen at Cheltenham.
Eight of the first nine months of last year were colder than average but that was followed by the mildest November in over 20 years while December became the warmest on record.
The Met Office has con-firmed that the first half of the month has been the mildest in Wales for more than 50 years, but added that temperatures are likely to get chilly in the run up to Christmas Day.
At one point I was given the weather as an excuse in what had been the mildest winter for years.
Which letter has the mildest or least connotations?
While the winter might be best remembered for the storms and floods that battered the country, it was also the fifth mildest December to February for the UK in records dating back more than a century.
LAST month was one of the mildest Octobers on record.