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Kutuzov sighed deeply on finishing this paragraph and looked at the member of the Hofkriegsrath mildly and attentively.
It seems to me," continued the Scarecrow, more mildly, "that your manufacturer spoiled some good pies to create an indifferent man.
To say that I was distracted with terror would be to put it mildly.
The interest of the whole audience, up to then only mildly amused, became suddenly intense.
The wizened-looking little man came and watched them benevolently, peering every now and then through his spectacles, and applauding mildly any particularly good stroke.
We'll send for the bird later," he told the landlady, who, still mildly expostulating as she followed them downstairs, failed to notice that the captain of the detectives had carelessly left the door to Daughtry's rooms ajar.
He liked whisky, and I recall sitting whole afternoons in my den, drinking steadily with him, drink for drink, until he was mildly lighted up and I was slightly aware that I had drunk some whisky.
The deep eyes, of a light hazel, were as full of sorrow as of inspiration, confused pain looked mildly from them, as in a kind of mild astonishment.
Pitcher, still mildly curious, noticed a difference in her ways this morning.
My dear fellow,' said the Father of the Marshalsea, laying his hand upon his shoulder, and mildly rallying him--mildly, because of his weakness, poor dear soul; 'you said that before, and it does not express much, Frederick, even if it means much.
July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Appraisers remain mildly encouraged by the current state of the housing market according to a recently completed survey conducted by United States Appraisals.
Malai Kofta is a delicious and savory vegetarian entree in a rich, mildly spiced sauce, and is a traditionally northern Indian specialty served on memorable occasions.