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Los's sons do not understand his mildness because they do not see the larger redemptive plan of which it is a part.
He says that even the Nazis showed mildness to political prisoners, making frequent use of amnesty, as indulgence is "the act of the sovereign as seigneur, of the sovereign as merciful patron." But what does that mean?
Enjoying a brief moment of Maddin mania, with a director's spotlight at the Rotterdam Film Festival in January; the critically acclaimed installation at the Power Plant this spring; retrospectives of his films in Vienna, Toronto, and (next fall) Washington, DC; and the release of his superb ballet film, Dracula: Page s from a Virgin's Diary, at New York's Film Forum last month, the director nevertheless maintains his persona of immoderate mildness. Self-deprecating, boyishly nervous, Maddin punctuated his thoughts on cowardice, artistic influence, and the revival of melodrama with the occasional fusty Fauntleroy phrase, enough to remind us that, chez Maddin, artifice is all.
He who through a natural mildness and easygoingness should despise injuries received would do a very fine and praiseworthy thing; but he who, outraged and stung to the quick by an injury, should arm himself with the arms of reason against this furious appetite for vengeance, and after a great conflict should finally master it, would without doubt do much more.
"Chesterfield mildness plus no unpleasant after- taste," says B-movie star Ronald Reagan.
Tocqueville explains the progress of "democratic mildness" by the growing sentiment of human resemblance within nations as well as between them.
Gains will be driven by a number of factors, including increasing demand for naturally derived, environmentally benign and multifunctional surfactants; greater mildness requirements for surfactants used in personal care products; and rapidly growing demand in both cleaning products and personal care products for surfactant treated wipes.
In less than an hour's drive from the Pre-Alps, you'll come across the Mediterranean mildness of the Medieval cities of Murten and Estavayerle-Lac.
2) but was at the same time hardly "revolutionary"; and it is this "mildness," this "reconciling" of renewal and tradition (p.
residency, may be treated more severely despite the relative mildness of her offense.
SIR: Having returned from Hanover, I am amazed at the mildness of your remarks about Expo.
Unfortunately, from this standpoint, improvements in techniques have reduced this spectacular aspect to unimpressive mildness in most shops.