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MILEAGE. A compensation allowed by law to officers, for their trouble and expenses in travelling on public business.
     2. The mileage allowed to members of congress, is eight dollars for every twenty miles of estimated distance, by the most usual roads, from his place of residence to the seat of congress, at the commencement and end of every session. Act of Jan. 22, 1818; 3 Story, Laws U. S. 1657.
     3. In computing mileage the distance by the road usually travelled is that which must be allowed, whether in fact the officer travels a more or less distant way to suit his own convenience. 5 Shepl. R. 431.

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However, the standard mileage rate cannot be used for a vehicle placed in service in a prior year if actual expenses were deducted in that prior year.
For example, a 2001 registered BMW 530i Sport would normally sit on a forecourt at pounds 22,400 with average mileage, but double the mileage to 70,000 and the buyer saves an astonishing pounds 4,600 as the price drops to pounds 17,800.
According to the Casualty Actuarial Society, increased annual vehicle mileage increases annual cash risk, all else being equal.
Ray Holloway,director of the RMI's independent garage and fuel division believes lessening the emphasis on mileage could reduce the practice of clocking: ``The modern motor car is built to be used.
Next year big mileage gear may be penalised even further as the market re-adjusts its psychological mileage threshold down from 85,000 to sub-60,000.
Just as important, the very success of the mileage plans undermines their effectiveness.
62-2(c), because the company permitted its employees to retain and use for personal purposes their frequent-flier mileage awards.
Although many ads will briefly refer to fuel economy as one of a "package" of product attributes, consumers who mainly want good mileage from a car are considered too small a group to target.
Table 3 shows the tearing energy of hoses removed from 12 high mileage vehicles.
The average mileage delivered by the vehicles in the rally was between 19 and 29.
The new cards, the United Mileage Plus Club Visa Card, the United Mileage Plus Access Visa Card and the United Mileage Plus Select Visa Card, will offer holders benefits such as Red Carpet Club membership, Economy Plus seating, up to 5,000 or 10,000 miles that count towards elite status, or double and triple miles towards redeeming an award ticket.