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MILEAGE. A compensation allowed by law to officers, for their trouble and expenses in travelling on public business.
     2. The mileage allowed to members of congress, is eight dollars for every twenty miles of estimated distance, by the most usual roads, from his place of residence to the seat of congress, at the commencement and end of every session. Act of Jan. 22, 1818; 3 Story, Laws U. S. 1657.
     3. In computing mileage the distance by the road usually travelled is that which must be allowed, whether in fact the officer travels a more or less distant way to suit his own convenience. 5 Shepl. R. 431.

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A complaint was made by Gary Wickham about a Volvo which turned out to have a mileage of 164,000.
It was advertised on Auto Trader with a mileage of 98,000 - at PS1,500 more than it was purchased for only ten days earlier.
Intentionally boosting mileage figures is a crime, he said.
Intentional or not, overstating the mileage could cut into Hyundai and Kia sales, especially with people who are deciding between brands and ready to buy soon, said Jesse Toprak, vice president of market intelligence for the TrueCar.
com common faults: 11 Used Car Expert mileage analysis: A 2006 Jeep Cherokee with the 3.
com common faults: 10 Used Car Expert Mileage analysis: A 2006 Vauxhall Vectra with a 1.
High mileage cars do usually have very "chippy" front ends and may show very little other sign of high mileage.
Even if no specific record of an odometer change is made, careful checking of the date and mileage of each service, may showan inconsistency.
Even if no specific record of an odometer change is made, by carefully checking the date and mileage of each service, you may well discover an inconsistency.
The tell-tale signs of a clocked car will be evident to varying degrees dependent upon the actual mileage covered.
To test the hypothesis, I built a simple time/value microeconomic model, where mileage represented time on the x-axis and both days down and repair cost represented value on the y-axis.
In addition, PC-MILER is the only routing and mileage software in use by the FHWA for verification of motor carriers' safety regulations compliance.