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Following the issuance, Milestone Scientific now owns 87% of Milestone Medical.
The award was in recognition of the fact that Mayflex provides true converged solutions for Milestone as they also work closely with complementary technology partners including Axis, Canon, Digital Barriers, Paxton and ISONAS which all integrate with the Milestone platform.
According to Milestone Scientific, the medical R&D company designs, patents, incubates and commercialises a growing portfolio of innovative injection technologies.
The Qwerty slider is a touch slimmer than its predecessors, and lacks the unfinished feel of its more recent sibling the Motorola Milestone XT720.
As COO, Jim will ensure that MILESTONE has the right people, processes and technologies in place to deliver consistent and high-quality IT services to our clients.
Milestone 9 SIGNIFICANT progress to have been made on the transport projects with 13 of the 25 nearing completion.
JVC has already been working in partnership with Milestone Systems to market Milestone's XProtect IP video management software in European markets since 2005.
Jan Scrine, of the Milestone Society, spotted this illustration (right) in a copy of the 1961 I-Spy On The Road book that she recently found.
The new entity will be called Milestone Management and will provide on-site property management services to more than 75 properties, many of which were recently purchased by an association between The Dubai Investment Group and The Milestone Group in a $1 billion transaction.
Expert faculty, timely and thought-provoking topics and a special segment emphasizing personal development define the Milestone Program that debuts at the Fall Institute, November 16-18, at the Westin La Paloma resort in Tucson, Ariz.
This is the first milestone payment Corixa has received under the terms of a 1999 agreement with JT, which provides JT with certain rights to develop vaccine products containing Corixa's novel lung cancer antigens, including antigens formulated using Corixa's microsphere delivery system and proprietary adjuvant technologies.
When a hold or suspend milestone is recorded, the case manger (or designated user) will be notified that the case is in hold status via a notification and a message on the case detail document tab.