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THAT twist in the script of Tanu Weds Manu Returns necessitated research on the Haryanvi milieu.
Dans les deux provinces, les taux de morbidite (ensemble des pietons blesses gravement et legerement) sont plus eleves en milieu urbain.
The Divine Milieu is like the water in a fish tank or a pond or the ocean.
Milieu will also strive to include a range of design styles, she added.
NNA - Caretaker Information Minister, Walid Daouk, underlined the importance that media outlets exercise self censorship, referring to the role of media milieu in holding any journalist or media accountable for exceeding the forbidden.
Tiene est la troisieme recrue de Montpellier, qui a par ailleurs engage l'attaquant de Nancy (retrograde en L2) Djamel Bakar et le milieu offensif du Mans (L2) Morgan Sanson.
The behaviour of people who are mentally ill, just as that of those who are not, is determined by the culture and social milieu in which that behaviour takes place.
As political milieu between Turkey and Britain was sound, our partnerships would develop well, added Reddaway who spoke at a conference in Ankara which was also participated by a British railway sector delegation.
Boone, who runs a residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed teen girls, demonstrates to childcare workers and supervisors the use of milieu therapy with children with emotional and psychological issues in residential care.
Summary: Aswat al-Iraq: An al-Iraqiya Bloc MP said today that "Iraq is obliged to be open to Arab milieu, particularly Arab Spring countries that led to toppling a number of heads of states, mostly Egypt".
From handling dying and death to understanding the underlying meaning of the Cross, THE DIVINE MILIEU EXPLAINED comes packed with insights for daily life.