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Going regional with characters and milieu is becoming a saleable fad in Bollywood
Die Diffusionsforschung lasst bisher offen, welche Mechanismen und Akteure die Verbreitung klimaschonender Innovationen in traditionelle Milieus hinein bewirken.
The establishment of series is a conceptual device which emphasises the importance of interaction between, and circulation of, elements to the building of milieus.
Since floristic composition in each environment reflects ecological conditions that influence in plant variation, endogenous milieus with similar floristic composition are in similar environments.
It will bring together leaders of business milieus and entrepreneurs in the Maghreb, rising young entrepreneurs in the region, officials of business milieus from North African immigrated communities, as well as US business representatives and entrepreneurs.
Universities have become the milieu in which certain types of people live, yet these milieus shift from epoch to epoch, and culture to culture.
The main purpose of this study is to define and analyze the online experiences of faculty and learners toward sharing knowledge in open and distance learning milieus to create a virtual community in Colleges.
The central issue, however, of uncomfortably straddling different milieus, is something to which many readers may be able to relate.
There is a difference between the two milieus for seasonal and daytime accident occurrences, on the other hand with few exceptions; we find similar environmental characteristics in both provinces.
an educational diet suitable for teenagers growing up in the milieu of today's post-industrial societies will not prove equally suitable to their counterparts growing up in the milieus of Afghanistan, Upper Volta, or Paraguay.
This goal seems satisfactory enough, although such a formulation immediately makes one wonder why he should not be equally interested in looking at differences between planters and Junker and similarities in their historical milieus.
The main purpose of this paper is to create digital media design, production, and programming standards for Enhanced TV (ETV) in distance education milieus.