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Yet in the last decade, in spite of rhetorical militance, Hargrove has come to be seen as highly mercurial, incapable of sustaining a radical orientation to class struggle.
Lorence effectively traces governmental and union bureaucracies' growing influence and how it reduced militance and socialized the jobless, but he does not show how workers reacted to or thought about these changes.
But the three main tributaries that converge to make the law-and-order issue so powerful are: (1) the revolt of youth, whether against the war, the draft, or the social system as a whole; (2) Negro militance and ghetto rioting; and (3) the individual's intense personal fear of criminal attack ("Law and Order," 1968: 22).
Apres les evenements de 1952 ou le mouvement national avait subi la repression des autorites du protectorat, en particulier la CGT, le parti de l'Istiqlal et le PCM, il rejoint ses compagnons de lutte pour poursuivre sa militance dans la clandestinite, en renoncant a sa fonction administrative, en tant qu'ingenieur a la direction des mines a Rabat.
Nor can we attribute the different results to the militance and determination of the adversary.
At the height of their militance, and responding to pressure from women delegates (mostly textile operatives and shoe workers), the Knights' national convention endorsed woman suffrage in 1886.
Aronowitz is right to emphasize the small-scale success stories (like the tales of hospital workers and District 65, up to a point) and the telling international contrasts, like the achievements of Canadian workers in maintaining union influence via their militance and the steady political-educational work of their own New Democratic Party.
This has taken on an aura of militance among those who grew up in isolated black ghettoes without experiencing the interracial relationships that led the previous generation to accept Martin Luther King vision of a beloved community to be made possible by the promise of redemption he held forth to whites.
The New Left might have empathized with the CIO's militance, but it couldn't comprehend the CIO's strategic reliance on the church.
Ironically, in Wynn's view, the October pogroms paved the way for the greatest show of worker political militance anywhere in Russia in December 1905: revolutionaries and skilled workers armed themselves to combat pogromists, and so were able to seize control of central Ekaterinoslav and many of the stations along the Ekaterinin railroad, and even to attempt to take on the military in pitched battle at Gorlovka.
Calvert's view of worker militance is similar to that offered by Melvyn Dubofsky in his study of Western radicalism in Labor History (1966) and an implicit refutation of views that attribute serious labor unrest to causes extraneous to the nature of corporate capitalism.
Cette femme amazighe incarne parfaitement le prototype d'une combattante, a plusieurs fronts, qui ne cesse de faire des merveilles, par sa militance continuelle, mais egalement par ses qualites humaines debordantes.