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This figure alone, more than any pressure from the US or any international resolve, should steel our resolve to be rid of militancy once and for all.
It is time, then, for confusion and doubt to be cast aside and the logical implications of a militancy-, terrorism- and extremism-free Pakistan to be taken up: a zero-tolerance policy towards all variants of militancy, terrorism and extremism.
I took up the militancy concerns with Trudeau, the militancy concerns we have and he has assured us that they will look into this matter," he added.
The community police need to involve the common people, especially youths, and extend full cooperation to the police forces in resisting militancy and terrorism.
While they may have returned to the valley and their instruments are no longer under the cloud of militancy, their music thus their life is not completely free of militancy's burden.
Chairman QWP said that sacrifices of Pakistan against terrorism have drawn worldwide praise while allegations of US would adversely affect efforts to achieve world peace and wipe out militancy from the region besides strengthening mindset of extremism and oppression.
Maulana Lutf-ur-Rehman said that the people of our country and security forces have rendered matchless sacrifices for the elimination of militancy and the establishment of peace in the motherland.
Many people lost their lives and infrastructure was badly affected in the area due to militancy.
Sources added that the Hizbul handler who was linked to Sabzar Bhat was the one, under whose influence Danish joined militancy.
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The militancy affected families should be given health facilities and there is need of special attention to impart quality education to their children.
The Regional Cell of the PDGE in Spain, on the invitation of the Joint Coordination in Madrid, held today, Saturday 2nd April, a Coordination meeting to make contact with the Militancy in the city, in connection with the campaign which will begin throughout Spain from next week.