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Mardan -- Provincial Chief of Awami National Party (ANP) and member National Assembly, Ameer Haider Hoti on Sunday said that only with military operation we cannot finish militancy from the country.
Beginning with the liberal critique, he questions the liberal argument that militancy is coercive by shutting down reasoned debate, countering it by pointing out that there is little possibility of such debate in the unequal contemporary context.
Saudi Arabia's goal of toppling Bashar Al Assad, an ally of its regional rival Iran, is unchanged, but it is refocusing on countering militancy, and is trying to ease differences on Syria with Washington, say Saudi and diplomatic sources in the Gulf.
Abdullah further remarked that the state police along with the Central Reserve Police Force are capable of tackling militancy in the state.
most in the fight against terrorism and militancy, will continue to fight this
The way the education system is set up is contributing to support militancy," said Rebecca Winthrop, with the Center for Universal Education at Brookings.
Ending the "dictator-foreign nexus" between the US and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf may also greatly help control and minimize the spiraling problem of militancy.
Though none of the attackers had studied in Pakistani madaris but it is believed that these madaris provide support for militancy in the region.
While the FBI made it a priority to protect Robinson against vague and perhaps illusory threats, the bureau takes little interest in protecting Christian congregations from the growing militancy of homosexual radicals.
Digby Jones, director general of the CBI, said, 'Our members are worried about growing militancy among trade unionists.
Three questions assert themselves: How do artists treat the theme of militancy within their own system?
For decades, Irv Rubin has been the face of Jewish militancy - confronting white supremacists, saying he had no tears for a slain Southern California Arab leader, spouting his rhetoric to anyone who would listen.