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Since becoming president he has militantly and forcefully fought to establish and entrench in the minds, hearts, souls and behaviour of Americans, the dark evils of abortion, sterilization, homosexual activity, contraception and embryonic stem cell research.
Born of the specific sociopolitical context of socialist Yugoslavia under Josip Broz Tito's Third Way, an economically liberal regime, lvekovic's militantly feminist art practice makes tactical use of controversy, which is an efficient way to put a message across.
LOVE ACTUALLY (2003) Richard Curtis's militantly saccharine montage of 10 love stories sees Bill Nighy asserting that Christmas Is All Around, in song.
His ambition, it seems clear, is to return to the pre-Ataturk era, when Turkey was not only militantly Muslim but also a regional superpower," Ferguson says.
Judith had never thought of herself as militantly Welsh but too much exposure to her neighbours' twee surface politeness could bring her out in a nationalistic rash.
In reality, he's helping a militantly fundamentalist ministry evangelize Americans and putting his state's economy at a real risk.
It has to be two bags") and he was rolling up militantly strong grass with no tobacco.
s rereading of Rousseau underscores the militantly anti-Christian nature of the philosopher's theology and how his opposition to the Christian concept of salvation is rooted in loyalty to a just but wrathful God.
This is an old canard that Clark dissects in a fine chapter, 'Understanding Scripture' (Chapter 3), which cogently argues, 1) that reflective religious people have good reasons for believing what they do, even if their beliefs may not pass scientific muster, and 2) that even militantly atheistic scientists have faith in a lot of things, else they would not do the work they do and could not, in any case, ever trust their findings (30-1, 37, 50, 146).
This study recommended empowerment of women through education, open employment opportunities and militantly opposing any reproductive health violence.
The trouble is that the government he appointed in 2005 is an alliance with Sinhalese nationalists who have nothing but contempt for the Tamils and who are militantly opposed to any concessions to them.
In line with its open policy of reform the party has become more tolerant of religion than in the militantly iconoclastic days of Mao Zedong's rampaging Red Guards.