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But what possible excuse is there for being militantly anti EU in 1975 and throughout the 80s, 90s and noughties, then changing your mind to being pro EU recently?
Four years ago a staggering 95 per cent of blacks voted for Obama despite the fact that most blacks - especially those in the Bible belt - militantly oppose all of Obama's anti-life values and policies that include the acceptance of abortion, contraception, homosexual marriage and religious freedom.
Since becoming president he has militantly and forcefully fought to establish and entrench in the minds, hearts, souls and behaviour of Americans, the dark evils of abortion, sterilization, homosexual activity, contraception and embryonic stem cell research.
Born of the specific sociopolitical context of socialist Yugoslavia under Josip Broz Tito's Third Way, an economically liberal regime, lvekovic's militantly feminist art practice makes tactical use of controversy, which is an efficient way to put a message across.
Thompson's wife and neighbors are as militantly racist as Jack Long's neighbors, hut the two men realize that the only way things are going to change is to come to a common understanding and communication.
LOVE ACTUALLY (2003) Richard Curtis's militantly saccharine montage of 10 love stories sees Bill Nighy asserting that Christmas Is All Around, in song.
Although mostly written by professional historians, these blogs resembled their political counterparts in the sense that they tended to be militantly one-sided.
His ambition, it seems clear, is to return to the pre-Ataturk era, when Turkey was not only militantly Muslim but also a regional superpower," Ferguson says.
Because the propagators of these conspiracy theories are not anti-Semitic but militantly pro-Israel, and because their targets are not Jews but Muslims, the ADL and other Jewish groups have had little to say about them.
In reality, he's helping a militantly fundamentalist ministry evangelize Americans and putting his state's economy at a real risk.
Tearing down the state and militantly hating the ruling class are useless and sometimes counterproductive tactics if there is nothing there to stand in the place of the state, and no militant love to otherwise overwhelm the state's counter-revolutionary "hatred" for protesters, peaceful or not.
It has to be two bags") and he was rolling up militantly strong grass with no tobacco.