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MILITARY. That which belongs or relates to the army.

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Underscoring the vulnerability of the Siliguri Corridor, he, added, "However frequent instance of transgression by the PLA across the LAC and the recent standoff at Doklam are indication of increasing assertiveness of China, as it makes rapid progress both economically and militarily.
We have succeeded in the efforts of the security forces and the popular and tribal mobilization forces to eliminate terrorism militarily, and we must work to eradicate its deviant ideology," Abadi said in a speech at the opening ceremony of the Central Council of the Arab Teachers Union.
As you are the key agency to oversee implementation of Indian policy in Jammu and Kashmir, it is your moral duty to convey to the Indian State to accept that Kashmir is a political problem and hence can only be resolved politically and not militarily.
Our forces destroyed one militarily barge and [captured] five others gun boats, including a number of militarily ammunitions from the government," the official told Sudan Tribune via satellite phone.
Critique: An impressive collaboration, "America Invades: How We've Invaded or been Militarily Involved with almost Every Country on Earth" is exceptionally informed and informative.
1 in the world militarily, six percentage points higher than said so in 2014.
Summary: Algeria is reported to have requested France guarantee regional stability if the West decides to intervene militarily in Libya, a diplomatic source revealed yesterday.
ISLAMABAD -- The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir People's Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has said that the Indian Held Kashmiris continued to live politically deprived and economically crippled in the highest concentrated militarily zone in the world.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Army Commander Major General Ataollah Salehi downplayed the US officials' war rhetoric against Tehran, and said the enemies are not able to confront Iran militarily.
NEW YORK (CyHAN)- Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari of Syria told reporters yesterday (3 September) that if the United States strikes Syria militarily, it will be an act of aggression in accordance to the UN Charter.
Summary: Half of all Americans believe President Barack Obama should not intervene militarily in Syria in .
I urge that the administration not intervene militarily.