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MILITARY. That which belongs or relates to the army.

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Following the announcement, Netanyahu said Israel "will continue to act against Iran's attempts to entrench itself militarily in Syria."
General Austin Scott Miller made the shocking assessment about the US-led military offensive in Afghanistan in an exclusive interview with NBC News, saying that the Afghan war cannot be won militarily and peace will only be achieved through direct engagement and negotiations with the Taliban.
National Security Adviser John Bolton said Washington was willing to intervene militarily if Assad uses chemical weapons to recapture the province.
If this alliance takes shape it could be a new beginning, one that would be mutually beneficial for the US and the Middle East to restore order through a security umbrella, while militarily thwarting Tehran's adventurism in the future.
It has conquered by treaty, rather than militarily, but it is no less an empire for all that.
These meetings have contributed to a change in the course of bilateral relations to serve the common interests politically, militarily, militarily and economically.
NNA - Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Thursday urged the international community to intervene militarily to stop the massacre perpetrated against the civilians in Syria's eastern Ghouta.
Forty Islamic countries affirmed that they will cooperate militarily, financially, politically, and in terms of intelligence services to combat terrorism, the Crown Prince stated.
"Philippine separation from the United States - economically and militarily" does not mean severance of relationship or terminating the special bond between our two nations, which remains firm notwithstanding the formidable but surmountable challenges that we face in making liberating change happen.
Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari (photo), the commander of the Iranian Navy, last week said, "We have won the military war against the enemy, and now we will also be triumphant in the soft." In case you are thinking you missed that war, Iranian military officers have taken to saying the United States was defeated because the Islamic Republic made itself so strong militarily that the Americans gave up the idea of ever attacking.
The two officials, he said, were "disgruntled" politicians, who lack a militarily base and were incapably of waging meaningful rebellion.
Synopsis: Americans have invaded nearly half the world's countries and been militarily involved with all the rest, except Andorra, Bhutan and Liechtenstein.