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While perpetuating a culture of silence and violence against women, militarism restricts women's access to health care.
Johnson specifically describes the difference between the military and militarism when he writes, "[H]aving a military by no means has to lead to militarism, the phenomenon by which a nation's armed services come to put their institutional preservation ahead of achieving national security or even a commitment to the integrity of the governmental structure of which they are a part.
The Wolfowitz-Bush doctrine of unilateral militarism, influenced by the unilateralism of the Israeli government, was easily identified with the preferred foreign policy tradition of the American South, dating back to the earliest years of the Republic.
For example, she ponders how one woman's decision to reject militarism, such as a Russian mother's refusal to surrender her son to state conscription, relates to another woman's decision to enlist in military service.
In The German Idea of Militarism, Nicholas Stargardt sets out to show that there was another side to the coin of German militarism.
Therefore, it is pertinent to examine the development of militarisation within a state and society -- in the framework of the concept of militarism which denotes a "social formation and structure".
Militarism could be studied by visits to nuclear weapons research plants and other military facilities near camps.
But the xenophobic propensity of nationalism was to give a new shape and lease on life to militarism.
militarism in the Vietnam era and exposed the horrendous "tiger cages" in which South Vietnamese torture masters confined their opponents.
Germany in 1935 was already entering the grip of Nazi militarism, a fact that could not escape Leopold and his fellow touring foresters, though it is doubtful that they appreciated the crucial role of forest products in Hitler's mobilization for economic self-sufficiency under the direction of chief forester Hermann Goring, or considered the possibility that some of the extraordinary hospitality they received might be calculated to create a favorable impression of German forestry among people who could spread the word.
FROM THE CONVERSION of Highway 401 entering Toronto into the "Highway of Heroes" as a macabre celebration of Canadian soldiers killed in combat, to the renaming of the Canadian armed forces to echo past imperialist campaigns, to the wrapping of Hockey Night in Canada in nationalist celebration of the military, the themes of militarism now penetrate the cultural experiences of daily life.