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Last August, during his first year as Japan's 57th prime minister, he paid homage at the grave of Yoshida Shoin, the ideological mastermind of Japan's militaristic expansionism.
Chapter six compares the supposedly militaristic and diplomatically aggressive culture of Rome to that of its neighbors.
In a nutshell: Doc about kids attending a militaristic Christian summer camp.
The authors, however, fail to explore the masculinist anxiety at stake, particularly within the neoconservative network, right-wing evangelical Christianity and militaristic policy-making circles.
Chapter 4 provides a sociological study of correctional work and training for such work, training that I would describe as militaristic.
Forty-five levels, 11 environments and a whole bunch of bad guys-also known as the militaristic separatist faction Helghast--await you.
Identifying common propaganda techniques such as card-stacking (selectively quoting facts in order to build a case against an opponent that ignores the whole truth of situations the facts refer to), labelling, bandwagon appeal (building support for an idea by perpetuating the sentiment that "everybody" is in favor of it) and much more, it goes on to spot these techniques used in recent quotes from individuals and spokespeople in the turbulent and often militaristic speeches since the attacks.
AN ECONOMY staggering from years of external sanctions, a militaristic dictatorship overthrown through American might, a U.
But a senior council official defended the authority's planning, claiming it had been 'a very well organised militaristic organisation'.
Firstly, the emergence of e-jihad ('Electronic Jihad') originating from diverse Muslim perspectives--this is described in its many forms relating to the different definitions of 'jihad', including on-line activism (ranging from promoting militaristic activities to hacking, to co-ordinating peaceful protests) and Muslim expression post 9/11.
The militaristic imagery continues in the second reading.
I have to admit that my first take at reconfiguring school would not have produced KIPP's super-long school day and almost militaristic "no shortcuts" approach.