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The story is also undoubtedly militaristic, and there is plenty of tough-guy dialogue and gratuitous violence.
Koizumi's repeated visits have drawn anger from China and South Korea, which view the shrine as symbolic of Japan's militaristic past.
Through the red on the gray wall we see traces of mortar shells and bullet holes--a poignant reminder of Austria's militaristic past and of the continued reverberations of that repressed history in the present.
A "action pack" sent to shooters urges them to dump militaristic camouflage kits.
Last season Kudelka's Terra Firma displayed the company's manpower in a two-movement ballet for ten men and ten women that opens with a militaristic prowl for nine men, who advance toward one another with an odd lurching.
It has applied its definition of virtue specifically to particular political positions that are insensitive to the discriminations suffered by blacks and that are militaristic and antifemale.
China shares South Korea's view on Japan's militaristic past, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday following South Korean President Roh Moo Hyun's call for Japan to sincerely apologize its past wrongdoings.
But Sender Garlin's main thrust and satirical barbs were always against the system: the exploitation, the racism, the militaristic nationalism that have plagued this century, whether in the extreme form of Fascism or in more disguised form.
All emerge from what Leslie Fiedler would call culture's dirty "undermind," where bad dreams fondle gothic forms and hysteria softly oozes through cracks in the hard imperial shell of manhood, militaristic sadism, and sublimation.