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The fighting took place, particularly in the south of the capital, also plagued by military bombardment, according to SOHR, while activists spoke of "tanks entering the neighborhood of al-Tadamone amid clashes" .
A military bombardment of a town in central Syria killed 30 people on Monday on the eve of a scheduled army withdrawal from urban areas, opposition activists said, dashing the prospects of a U.N.-brokered ceasefire taking hold.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a military bombardment of opposition districts in the city of Homs had killed 12 civilians yesterday, while security forces killed three people when they opened fire on a demonstration in Damascus.
During Israel's military bombardment 'Opertaion Cast Lead' in 2008/09, Israeli air strikes destroyed over 30 kilometres of water networks in total: more than twice the width of the Gaza Strip at its widest point.
A third son, a teacher, was killed in a Pakistani military bombardment in May.