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CHAPLAIN. A clergyman appointed to say prayers and perform divine service. Each house of congress usually appoints it own chaplain.

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Military Chaplains in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Beyond.
He also teaches part-time in the history department at the University of Prince Edward Island and serves as the military chaplain to the Prince Edward Island Regiment.
The carols were accompanied by a military band, and there were also contributions from military chaplain, Rev George Perera, who was joined by other Padres.
Army chaplain since August 2008 and finally will get his wish this Friday in a swearing-in ceremony, to be followed be a course at the military chaplain school.
University of Notre Dame Press, 2004), and Richard Budd, Serving Two Masters: The Development of American Military Chaplaincy, 1860-1920 (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2002), have approached the question of religion's role in war by focusing on the military chaplain, easily the least understood fulltime clergy in the Western world.
Captain Emmit Furner, a military chaplain, said to the gathering.
Summary: A former military chaplain has been jailed for 25 years for sexual assault and killing ethnic Tutsis during Rwanda's genocide.
Thus, it declared that "a military chaplain may preside, preach, or pray in sectarian language with a like-minded congregation that has voluntarily assembled.
Although the horse Beveridge bought for the race, Fort Of Gold, was not qualified, Jimmy Frost, for whom the military chaplain at the Royal Naval Air Station at Yeovilton in Somerset, rides out, has come up with a last-minute substitute mount in Feeling Better.
Military chaplain Chris Groocock said: "Today we pay tribute to his life and his character as a father, a soldier and a leader.
They had a daughter, Sarah, and after accepting a position as a military chaplain in the U.

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