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noun caretaker, director, elected official, executive, executive leader, government official, highest state official, politician, potentate, public official, statesman
Associated concepts: executive branch of government
See also: caretaker, director, pedagogue, principal, superintendent

GOVERNOR. The title of the executive magistrate in each state and territory of the United States. Under the names of the particular states, the reader will find some of the duties of the governor of such state.

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This volume is most valuable for its succinct summary of Johnson's service as military governor of Tennessee, where his unswerving unionism eventually led him to understand the necessity of ending slavery, reversing his long-standing belief in the peculiar institution.
The motorcade of Colonel Abdallah al-Sti, head of the joint security room and military governor of Benghazi, was attacked as he passed through the Al-Hadeq area, leaving one dead and one seriously wounded from his entourage," Colonel Abdallah al-Zaidi, security forces spokesman, told AFP on Monday.
A security meeting was held on Thursday in Tripoli and chaired by Prime Minister Zidan discussed the urgent need to send the newly appointed Military Governor of the South, General Mohamed Al-Thahbi, to the region and take charge of the situation there.
This day is considered an opportunity to remember the great achievements of martyr, Ahmad Kassir, who blew himself up targeting the center of an Israeli military governor in the Southern city of Tyre back in 1982.
They include Manuel Noriega, the former military governor of Panama, who was captured and detained as a prisoner of war during the 1989 US invasion of Panama, late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, whose country was attacked in 2003 based on false and fabricated reports about its stockpile of nuclear weapons, late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, whose country was bombed by the US air force in 1986, etc.
While they hoped reforms would end the slave revolt, white resistance in Cap Francais found a focus in May when Galbaud arrived as Saint-Domingue's new military governor.
emergency in area and appointed military governor for it.
Both Gen Lucius Clay, military governor of Germany, and Col Frank Howley, commander of the military government in divided Berlin, arrived with animosity for the Germans but quickly realized how loyalty to the population and the city of West Berlin confirmed Western resolve against Soviet expansionism.
One of the students' father is a traditional chief and the other is a military governor.
He was promoted by his tribal leaders in 1977 when the then president of North Yemen, Ahmad al-Ghashmi - an ally of one Hashed tribes - appointed him as military governor of Ta'ez.
Following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, he was named military governor of the emirate.
In August 1990, after the invasion of Kuwait, Saddam had appointed him military governor of what was deemed to be Iraq's "19th province", but replaced him three months later for fear his brutal reputation was strengthening the hand of Kuwait's allies.

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