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noun caretaker, director, elected official, executive, executive leader, government official, highest state official, politician, potentate, public official, statesman
Associated concepts: executive branch of government
See also: caretaker, director, pedagogue, principal, superintendent

GOVERNOR. The title of the executive magistrate in each state and territory of the United States. Under the names of the particular states, the reader will find some of the duties of the governor of such state.

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It has been pointed out that the course adopted is understood to have been, tacitly at least, approved by Congress, for with two slight exceptions, specified in the act of April 12, 1900 (Foraker Act), every order promulgated by the military governors has been confirmed by Congressional enactment, has become part of the supreme law of the land, and will so remain until abrogated or changed by Congress or by the legislative assembly of the island.
The meeting was attended by the Chief of Staff of the Libyan army, the head of intelligence and the Military Governor himself, the Libyan news agency reported.
We will ask Morsy to promise us that this will be the last military governor.
Beginning in 1967 the same land served as headquarters of the Israeli military governor until the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in 1994, which turned the place into its security headquarters.
In August 1990, after the invasion of Kuwait, Saddam had appointed him military governor of what was deemed to be Iraq's "19th province", but replaced him three months later for fear his brutal reputation was strengthening the hand of Kuwait's allies.
The views expressed in them remain compelling enough a half-century later that erstwhile military governor and ambassador for the Israeli government Elpeleg is called upon to deny against them yet again.
The Moros agreed to surrender their arms to the military governor, John J.
October 2 After vocal and controversial General George Patton announces that former Nazis could be employed in the effort to reconstruct Germany, President Harry Truman removes him from his post as military governor of Bavaria.
I think that's why I have been able to survive the power struggle in the LDP Sengoku era,'' he said, citing Takeda Shingen (1521-1573), a military governor of Kai Province, now Yamanashi Prefecture, as one of the warlords who influenced him.

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