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The impact of Cahill's remarkable study is amplified by the book s lucid, evocative prose that captures simultaneously the precision of the new military science as well as the implications of the many scenes of ambiguity and distraction in martial drama.
On the one hand, it is a military unit of the SANDF and, on the other hand, it also hosts the US Faculty of Military Science.
Seeking one-sided or unilateral interests and absolute superiority with military means will surely disrupt regional stability and undermine all parties' interests,'' the China Daily quoted Academy of Military Science research fellow Song Xuefeng as saying.
Discussions on various aspects of the reform of the Armed Forces, including those appearing in Krasnaya zvezda, invariably touch upon question concerning improvement in military science.
It merits a mention that School of Artillery Nowshera is affiliated with the University of Peshawar and the Masters Degree program in Military Science and Management has been designed by the faculty members of UoP.
The Bulgarian officers are undergoing training in the central city of Veliko Tarnovo and in addition to military science they study the history and traditions of Afghanistan.
AGAINST THE TIDE is military science fiction tale (with fantasy elements) that is well written and the plot can stand alone or follow the previous well written tales.
The first part of the book focuses on the responsibilities and behavior of "Generals"; the second, on "Stratagems of War," which Taunton assumes are "specific forms of knowledge in a branch of philosophy as well as in that branch of military science that deals with the validity and varieties of modes of war" (95); and the third, on "Camps" set up on battlefields.
Fortunately for Steuben, King Frederick the Great--considered the greatest military genius of his age--had personally selected the young Prussian for special training in military science.
He has a second master's degree in military science from the Kuwait Mubarak Al Abdullah Joint Command and Staff College/British Military Mission in Kuwait.
When he graduated in 1963, he had degrees in three areas: engineering, business administration and military science.

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