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MILITARY. That which belongs or relates to the army.

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Generally super-powers' international policy is determined by domestic matters and this show of military strength could highlight economic weakness in Russia," he said.
However, as the Syrian regime has been recapturing some opposition strongholds and re-gaining significant military strength as outlined above, we may begin seeing in the near future a mass exodus of fighters to the neighboring countries including Turkey.
Reducing our active forces while enhancing our Reserve Components and extending legacy systems while eliminating redundancies can both preserve military strength and promote defense and federal fiscal strength.
Summary: Academics and intelligence analysts are busy these days charting the military strength of Syrian government forces and their armed rivals, in the form of the network of FSA battalions.
But though all around him are saying that Al Qathafi's military strength has been heavily depleted,government officials says that the regime's military capability has not been seriously undermined by defections.
The king emphasized the necessity for the GCC's economic rise to coincide with the rise of its military strength.
concerns about his country's rapid military buildup by saying in a speech earlier at the National Defense University that China's military strength still lags 20 years behind that of the United States and other western nations.
The US high stakes strategy in Lebanon not only aims to deal with Hezbollah growing military strength, but also to deliver a blow to Iran's influence in the region.
The survey also found that those who agree with the idea of American exceptionalism are more likely to justify torture and to believe that military strength rather than diplomacy is the best way to ensure peace.
combat forces in Iraq, Obama said that he had made good on his election pledge to end the war, referring to a recent drawdown of American military strength in Iraq to 50,000 troops.
and other western states have gone so far--to ensure that Israel remains the strongest military force in the region--that their foreign policies have been centered on allowing Israel such military strength over Arabs.
Kenneth Waltz, the doyen of structural realism, has suggested that states can be assessed on six relevant factors: population size, military strength, economic strength, resource endowment, political stability, and competence of government.

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