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MILITARY. That which belongs or relates to the army.

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Satisfaction with security from terrorism is up 13 percentage points, and satisfaction with the nation's military strength and the economy is up 12 points for each.
It also says that the military strength of the Azerbaijani armed forces is 374,500 people, while 3,750,000 of the population are fit for service.
Maintaining the peace in Europe is by far Canada's higher priority, and we have to husband what military strength we have in order to keep that peace.
This survey comes from a naval historian who documents the early evolution of these carriers in World War I and how they evolved to become key to military strength and strategy since then.
TAP)- China has launched a new aircraft carrier in the latest sign of its growing military strength.
This study draws on both German and Russian accounts and archives to detail GermanyAEs attempts to rebuild its military strength after WWI.
Seoul, Dhu-AlHijjah 11, 1437, September 13, 2016, SPA -- The US on Tuesday flew two nuclear-capable long-range bombers over South Korea in a show of military strength in response to North Korea's most recent nuclear test, United States Forces Korea (USFK) said.
The Syrian army and popular forces launched their attack from their positions in cement factory and are about to capture the hill near al-Sharafeh to reinvigorate their military strength in Southwestern districts of Aleppo.
We will realign military resources to their identified bailiwicks and sanctuaries and apply our military strength to suppress them, hunt them down and finish them,' Visaya said.
He said due to successful nuclear tests, now Pakistan had been playing a pivotal role in the region and had become an important country in the region due to equalization of military strength.
He likewise confirmed intents to raise military strength for operations in Africa and the Mediterranean.
military strength, and surveys of economic and diplomatic engagements and their pros and cons.

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