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This text would seem to militate against the reading of Gal.
There are no doubt many forces in American society that militate against the practice of the Asian values that form the fabric of Vietnamese life.
Large, established firms sometimes applaud as groups they fund militate for red tape that may suffocate smaller, poorer competitors.
Meanwhile, opponents of 209 were just as furious, predicting Duke would arouse the kinds of racial prejudices that might militate against Proposition 209.
The Court of Appeals' order stated: "To obtain a stay, pending appeal, a movant must establish a strong likelihood of success on the merits or, failing that, nonetheless demonstrate a substantial case on the merits provided that the harm factors militate in its favor" and "Based upon our review of the parties' submissions, and without prejudicing the ultimate determination of this case by a merits panel, we determine that Scanner Tech has shown that a stay, pending appeal, is warranted.
The prosecution stressed that "our existing laws and jurisprudence militate against the grant of the furlough prayed for.
Global Banking News-October 1, 2012--Miliband latest leader to militate for separation of banks(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
But their legal challenge was rejected by Justice Haddon-Cave, sitting at London's High Court, who said: "The law and the facts militate against the claim for judicial review".
For the club to so aggressively militate against what looks to most people a considered judgment from the FA leads to a potential for anarchy.
Jerad underlined that Tunisia's indebtedness is, in fact, one of the most important issues, specifying that UGTT will continue to militate in favour of canceling, rescheduling or reducing the foreign debt.
In other words, while there are structural obstacles to the Brotherhood's gaining outsize influence"the two institutions most devoted to preserving Egyptian national intereststhe military and state bureaucracynot to mention most Egyptians themselves," Fromer notes, "are far too devoted to Egypt to compromise its national security and welfare for the sake of anyone else"the deeper motivations of the Egyptian people also militate against any strand of nationalism in which Islam is anything beyond a religious faith.
give your and Letters and are editor's Ostensibly the plan to minimise landfill may seem sensible but there are stumbling blocks which militate against poorer families.