militate against

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But their legal challenge was rejected by Justice Haddon-Cave, sitting at London's High Court, who said: "The law and the facts militate against the claim for judicial review".
But today their legal challenge was rejected by the judge sitting at London's High Court, who said: "The law and the facts militate against the claim for judicial review".
The concern is that this will raise the cost of credit and hence militate against growth.
The wider social and economic factors which militate against the introduction of a further levy on text messages must also be taken into account.
A number of factors militate against the language on a community level, such as the threats to schools, and the Westminster Government encouraging people to move away from their communities to get work.
The BHA, RCA and Horsemen's Group will all be involved, but one factor which may militate against it is cost, which could run into six figures.
According to Al-Mansouri, "The Qtel Business Solutions Team will continue to collaborate with Q-CERT to provide our business customers with further gatherings that specialize in Information Security threats and how to militate against them.
Pakistanis are already subjected to discriminatory treatment at American Airports and that enhanced security screenings would militate against cultural values of Pakistanis, he maintained.
The tension between fiscal and monetary policies could potentially militate against financial stability.
What has concerned economists are the serious resource constraints currently facing the country that militate against increasing subsidies as their impact on the deficit may be more inflationary than would the relief from the subsidies themselves.
The justices recognize that undue hardship could militate against a retroactive order being made as of the date of the change of circumstances.
The unreality of the tales is adapted, then, to Cuban colonial reality, and often the texts militate against hierarchy, power, and even the genre conventions themselves.