militate against

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Attacks on weaker sections that militate against our national ethos are aberrations that need to be dealt with firmly," he said.
WATCHING the amazing scenes at the Calais end of the Channel tunnel, I think back to those people who argued against its construction on the grounds that this would militate against our national security and that Great Britain's days of "splendid isolation" would be over.
Even good quality childcare will not alone militate against the effects of deprivation and disadvantage; early intervention working with parents, as well as children, will have the best long-term outcomes.
While recognizing the utility of his iPad and word-processing software, he aspires to militate against the hyperkinetic influences of news media on our lives and presents his rules for the Slow News Movement, whose motto is oyesterdayAEs news tomorrowo.
But insecurity tended to militate against the success of their plans, he acknowledged.
Screen-projected swirling visuals - including a wannabe Munch Scream - become an irritating distraction, and the well-produced programmebooklet has pictures and notes which militate against our concentration.
But today their legal challenge was rejected by the judge sitting at London's High Court, who said: "The law and the facts militate against the claim for judicial review".
The concern is that this will raise the cost of credit and hence militate against growth.
Point being: dread at the advances Iran is making should be properly tempered with optimism at the advances that anti-Iran forces are makingand that there is no reason why the latter advances shouldn't outweigh the former ones and thereby militate against something so drastic as, say, a preemptive military strike.
According to Al-Mansouri, "The Qtel Business Solutions Team will continue to collaborate with Q-CERT to provide our business customers with further gatherings that specialize in Information Security threats and how to militate against them.
give your and Letters and are editor's Ostensibly the plan to minimise landfill may seem sensible but there are stumbling blocks which militate against poorer families.
Pakistanis are already subjected to discriminatory treatment at American Airports and that enhanced security screenings would militate against cultural values of Pakistanis, he maintained.