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Still in all, James's careful, well-documented study suggests the range of factors that panegyrists needed to take into account, and it makes clearer the challenges that militated against an author's success in the competitive quest for patronage.
The uncertainty generated by this decision coupled with a financial obligation to pay a note for which the center was obligated militated towards a swift conclusion of the transaction.
Over the years, a number of factors have militated against the effective operations of the courts which have prevented the judiciary from executing its mandate effectively, she said.
His recurring injuries have militated against him taking part in intensive training so necessary for inter-county at present.
The new work is more radically abstract than his previous painting (even if, as Kirk Varnedoe and Pepe Karmel argue in their catalogue essays, Pollock sometimes began by laying down a recognizable image that he went on to obscure), not so much because of any programmatic commitment to abstraction as because the desire for intensity militated against the internal distinctions, above all figure versus ground, on which representation depends.
We have both been very close to winning some pitches, but just lost them because the size of the agencies militated against us.
Various factors militated against a durable trend in commercial film as a vehicle for medical ideas and information.
For Ascher, the inability of Russian society to make a successful transition to a constitutional, parliamentary form of government reflected the political immaturity of Russian society as a whole and the deep social cleavages and animosities of the late Imperial period which militated against the peaceful renovation of political life.
The rules of the arrangement militated against prolonged fixation on any one canvas, encouraging instead views past, through, and to the sides.
Rather, well-intentioned efforts were frustrated by four things: the sheer scale of the estates, the remoteness of many of them which meant lack of detailed knowledge, the Crown's constant need for ready money which militated against long-term improvements, and understandable resistance by tenants to pay more for their lands.
Talking to media persons following a law and order meeting in CM House, the Chief Minister said no commission will be formed to investigate the issue of militated dead bodies but if IG's probe failed to satisfy the people, only then the formation of judicial commission may be considered.