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JCP has enjoyed solid support from a rising 10-month moving average since August 2003, and from a 10-week moving average since November last year, both militating in favor of further upside movement.
The event is aimed at evaluating the progress and success of the buy made in Nigeria IT products and services campaign, which has been at the front burner of the agency s crusade for a while, develop the requisite framework for global competitiveness of indigenous IT products and services, develop strategies for leveraging on technology transfer to Nigerians in Diaspora, examine the challenges militating against IT local content development in the country among others, stated by Daura.
It has been created with a view to promoting peaceful co-operation in the world and supporting individuals and organisations militating in favour of human dignity and human rights.
This is not reasonable when it is done by people who say that they are militating in favour of the rule of law," he noted.
Militating against such a move is the fact that Stubbs, despite earlier fame at Bolton and Celtic, is a lifelong Blue, though at his time of life needs should win out over sentimental attachment.
Militating on behalf of Gorky's portraits of the '30s, Alloway indecorously raises the question of the artist's influence on painting at the time of the exhibition, chalking up Gorky's significance for the living to the fact that he was "the first painter of the 'New York School' to die.
However, militating against universal acceptance of this product has been the presence of slight amounts of chrysotile (asbestos) in the Hedmanite.
The meeting with the coalition of stakeholders in the oil palm industry value chain afforded us the opportunity to appraise the problems militating against achieving the full potential of the sector.
TUNIS (TAP) --The Associative Network for Nature and Development in Tunisia and the Eco-constitution Group, a group of ecologists militating for integrating environment and ecology related laws in the new constitution, called Monday for saving environment in Tunisia which, they said, is today subjected to multiple threats.