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These tests revealed that spinal bone mineral content - a measure of bone strength - was significantly lower in those girls with perceived milk intolerance, and lower intakes of calcium, compared with the girls without perceived milk intolerance.
of cases (%) Children 50 IBS 15 (30%) Patients with organic diarrhea 35 (70%) Cow's milk intolerance 15 (30%) Celiac disease 13 (26%) Multiple food intolerances 5 (10%) Intestinal giardiasis 2 (4%) Adults 70 IBS 40 (57%) Patients with organic diarrhea 30 (43%) Celiac disease 10 (14%) Multiple food intolerances 2 (3%) Colorectal cancer/adenomatous polyps 3 (4%) Microscopic colitis 2 (3%) Diverticulosis/diverticulitis 4 (6%) Crohn disease 9 (13%) Table 2.
1~ If possible, question residents or their families about any history of milk intolerance, as milk has a high lactose content, and this may indicate a potential intolerance to specific formulas.
First, however, let's examine what milk intolerance is.
Unfortunately, research shows that perceived milk intolerance is related to reduced bone mineral content in female adolescents.
BACKGROUND: Although cow's milk allergy (CMA) and cow's milk intolerance (CMI) are two different terms, they are often used interchangeably, resulting in confusion both in clinical practice and in research reports.