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You can't prevent milk intolerance by taking anti-allergies.
of cases (%) Children 50 IBS 15 (30%) Patients with organic diarrhea 35 (70%) Cow's milk intolerance 15 (30%) Celiac disease 13 (26%) Multiple food intolerances 5 (10%) Intestinal giardiasis 2 (4%) Adults 70 IBS 40 (57%) Patients with organic diarrhea 30 (43%) Celiac disease 10 (14%) Multiple food intolerances 2 (3%) Colorectal cancer/adenomatous polyps 3 (4%) Microscopic colitis 2 (3%) Diverticulosis/diverticulitis 4 (6%) Crohn disease 9 (13%) Table 2.
1~ If possible, question residents or their families about any history of milk intolerance, as milk has a high lactose content, and this may indicate a potential intolerance to specific formulas.
First, however, let's examine what milk intolerance is.
They told me she had a milk intolerance and to change the formula she was getting, which I did - but nothing changed.
Isaac had a milk intolerance so he was poorly for the first eight weeks, but since then he's been brilliant and he's going from strength to strength.