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The money should be targeted at those who are genuinely in need - those who want items like Bonjela and milk of magnesia can pay for them themselves.
Bishop (2001) states that the information available about PEG 3350 suggests that it is at least as safe as older laxatives, such as milk of magnesia, lactulose, and mineral oil, and it may cause fewer side effects.
5 mg/dL or Crcl|is greater than~30ml/min), preventing impaction with regular use of milk of magnesia (MOM) 30-60 ml every night, decreasing to every second or third night.
Way back behind the Milk of Magnesia, and the enema syringes was a small plastic pack containing a goggle defogging cloth.
Oh, and by the way, Sterling Health is a division of Sterling Winthrop--makers of Bayer aspirin and Phillips' Milk of Magnesia.
To protect them a toothpaste should contain plenty of Milk of Magnesia.
The first we have chosen is for a familiar product even today, Milk of Magnesia.
He'd follow this with a binge meal and a heavy dose of milk of magnesia.
The factory has been part of Newcastle's manufacturing base for many years, producing household names such as Milk of Magnesia and Panadol.
Under Sterling the factory had for decades made household medicines including Panadol, Andrew's Liver Salts, and Milk of Magnesia and the plant was still widely known as 'Sterling's'.