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Candy makers will be able to use a predictable time-temperature relationship, as the dairy industry does in milk pasteurization, to achieve better results, she said.
find that commercial milk pasteurization equipment was available in the
The inspection program certifies that an establishment is in compliance with DPH milk pasteurization regulations.
In 1938, before widespread adoption of milk pasteurization in the United States, an estimated 25% of all foodborne and waterborne outbreaks of disease were associated with milk (7).
Pasteurization is effective 12 Salmonella Standard milk pasteurization typhimurium achieves >12-log reduction 12,14 Shigella dysenteriae Standard milk pasteurization 15 is effective Vibrio cholerae Two minutes at 70[degrees]C 16 results in >7-log reduction Yersinia Holding at 71.