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Increased milk production up to 7 percent for dairy cattle
The key challenge facing the sector currently is the inability to grow milk production.
I expect more of a soft landing than a sudden explosion of European milk production," says the University of Minnesota's Bozic.
2242 crore, was launched by the Ministry in April, 2012 with a focus to improve milch animal productivity and increase milk production through a scientific approach to breeding and feeding.
Scientists then evaluated data on feed intake, bacteria counts in milk, milk production, serum levels, and body temperature for all animals.
Michigan ranks eighth among the states in milk production, with the number of dairy cows and the amount of milk produced in the state increasing steadily.
British milk production is likely to fall 4% in the next two years as more and more farmers signal their intention to quit, DairyCo has warned.
According to a report by the National Mil Council, Turkey's milk production increased fourfold to 13 million tons in 2010 over the previous year while exports of dairy products reached $168.
Subhan Qureshi, Organizing Secretary IW-DSP-2010 said that Pakistan has been ranked 2nd in buffalo milk production and 3rd in total global milk production.
The Fiji government is also proposing a separation between Rewa Dairy's factory operations and milk production by farmers.
Furthermore, 2010 milk production is predicted at 188.