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Salt Range lambs, Calf milk replacer, Growth, Survivability and milk cost.
For the study, twin lambs were separated into two groups: lambs fed milk replacer and lambs left with the ewes to be raised naturally.
Some animals will have a distinct preference for a certain type of nipple, a certain temperature or milk replacer, and just about anything else, while others take to the bottle like a duck to water.
The Health Ministry's Food Unit said that it had discovered that milk replacers commonly used as a substitute feed for animals had been sold as milk powder.
To the Editor: Milk replacers produced from a specific feed factory in Japan were suspected of being associated with a cluster of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) infection in calves.
When the calf is 4 and 5 days of age, milk or milk replacer should be fed at a rate of 1 quart twice daily.
The mare's milk replacer has helped save the life of an orphan foal being fed on totally unsuitable cow's milk.
In the other study, published in the February 2005 Pediatric Research, 24 2-day-old piglets were divided into three dietary groups for eight days, receiving plain sow milk replacer or replacer with either a low or high dose of genistein.
A routine investigation by the European Commission's Merger Task Force concluded that the deal would not significantly impede competition in Europe even though the new company would become the leading calf milk replacer producer (a milk substitute).
Outbreaks of mad cow disease in Denmark, Germany and Japan have already been tentatively tied to milk replacer which used beef tallow as a source of fat.