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We investigated the influence of fixed factors and their interaction on cow's milk yield (MGG) and somatic cells count (using a log10 transformation normalized to SCC log10).
Aside from her milk yield, Leonora was judged for her body conformation (symmetry, size and shape) which is ideal for a milking carabao.
The dataset comprised a random sample of 60,279 total 305-day milk yield of 17,309 Iranian Holstein dairy cows in 7 parities from 3,776 contemporary groups (herd-year-season of calving) (HYS) that calved between 2004 and 2011.
A milk yield depression has been proven to have the highest impact from an economic point of view and is even of higher importance in case of a subclinical form of mastitis, as costs for discarded milk, drug costs, veterinary bills and increased labour play a rather insignificant role (Huijps et al.
The animals were grouped according to calving order (first, second, third, and fourth calving) at different days in milk (DIM): early (1-90 DIM), middle (91-180 DIM), and end of lactation (over 181 DIM) for comparing milk yield, milk composition, and blood metabolic profile between the calving orders within the same lactation period.
In group T2 where animals showed the highest milk yield, 4.
1999), the degree to which milk yield in early lactation is maintained (Mahadevan, 1951), the extent at which peak yield is maintained (Wood, 1967) or the ability to maintain a more or less constant yield during the lactation (Gengler, 1996).
The overall lactation milk yield was 2435 kg in 280 days with 3.
Result for simple correlation was observed low to high and positive for lactation length x milk yield, milk yield x birth weight and birth weight vs lactation length, while the genetic correlation was observed moderate to low between milk yield and lactation length and birth weight x lactation length, whereas the genetic correlation was found negative between birth weight x milk yield.
Macro and microelements, vitamins (carotene, D, and E), amino acids (lysine, methionine) have been balanced based on the needs for cows weighing 600 to 650 kg and a daily milk yield of 30 kg.
In the present investigation, a total of 350 post parturient cows having history of anorexia and drop in milk yield were included.