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Recent studies on assessment of lactation persistency in tropical regions reported unfavorable genetic association between milk yield and persistency (Dorneles et al.
Results from summer plantings released last week by the university showed milk yields per acre approximately 20% higher than other commercially planted hybrids.
Donald (1960) noted the high productivity cows tend to have big udders, beside that the relationship between the udders measurements and milk yield can be used as a selection criteria in dairy cattle (Chongkasikit, 2002).
Since then, the average milk yield in Holsteins has doubled, but there has also been a substantial reduction in fertility.
Changes in fat content as a result of mastitis vary between sample populations mainly because the variation largely depends on the severity of mastitis and the magnitude of reduction in milk yield.
There it now cools the milk yield of up to 500 Jersey cows before it is turned into an ice cream connoisseur's delight.
We measured quantity of milk produced in every period and calculated daily milk yield per moose.
Rising temperatures associated with climate change are likely to lower milk yield from cows, according to a CSIRO study.
A Virginia State University study ten years ago (Journal of Dairy Science 73[1989]:1,603-1,611) showed that a three-times milking frequency increased milk yield of Holstein cows over twice-a-day milking if cows also ate more feed with a higher nutrient density.
5% protein alfalfa diets for nutrient intake, milk yield and composition, showing that PetroAlgae micro-crop meal represents a new source of commercial-scale dairy feed.
Particularly, in dairy cattle, the selection for milk yield in most countries is based on the use of the traditional 305-d lactation records (Hammoud and Salem, 2013; Goshu et al.