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Class 4, calcium carbonate present; Class 5, dispersion occurs in 1:5 soil:water suspension after shaking; Class 6, no dispersion observed after any treatment Dispersion rating based on Loveday Air-dry Remoulded and Pyle (1973) aggregates aggregates showing showing spontaneous dispersion dispersion Slight milkiness adjacent to aggregate 2(1) 3(1) <50% of aggregate dispersed 2(2) 3(2) >50% of aggregate dispersed 2(3) 3(3) Total dispersion of aggregate 1 3(4) Table 3.
These are linked to the various jokes about sperm, milkiness, and whiteness.
A certain congealed milkiness in the sound, like the soft action of piano keys,--a little like the cry of a pigeon woodpecker,--a-week a-week, etc.
As for seeing better, a 30-year-old windshield will inevitably shows signs of age in the form of milkiness, minor or major crazing and microscratching.
The Lleyn has proved that she has the inherent milkiness, prolificacy and ease of management combined with a high health status.
The herd has been bred for hardiness, milkiness and fertility and is ideal for the Welsh hills.
According to Eifion Ellis, who runs the 750acre holding with his wife Ann and son Dewi, the pedigree Lleyns - selected for mothering ability, milkiness and conformation - have already proved their worth.