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He cowered in the midst of the milky water, as though the vastness were pressing in upon him with overwhelming force, brutally crushing him with its complacent awfulness.
And into that lake flowed a small stream, the water of which was not milky.
Late in the afternoon he followed a stream, milky with lime, which ran through sparse patches of rush-grass.
He reached for it with both hands and stirred up the milky mud at the bottom.
A shaft of sunlight smote the over-curl, and I caught a glimpse of translucent, rushing green, backed by a milky smother of foam.
Levin listened to the monotonous drip from the lime trees in the garden, and looked at the triangle of stars he knew so well, and the Milky Way with its branches that ran through its midst.
My meaning, Ned, is obvious--I observe another fly in the cream- jug, but have the goodness not to take it out as you did the first, for their walk when their legs are milky, is extremely ungraceful and disagreeable--my meaning is, that you must do as I did; that you must marry well and make the most of yourself.
Milky Tea Studios and Wales Interactive have announced their collaboration to bring the dark comedic kart racing game Coffin Dodgers to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Q1 2016.
Containing around 300billion stars, along with large amounts of gas and dust, the Milky Way is several million billion miles in diameter.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists used streams produced by dissolving globular clusters to measure the weight of our galaxy and determine the location of the sun within the Milky Way.
X Ambassadors will be out on the road this spring/summer playing festivals, including Bonnaroo, as well as joining Milky Chance on their summer tour.
But two of the Milky Way's satellite galaxies break all the rules.