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But in a study published today in the journal Nature, astronomers now have compelling evidence showing that some of these halo structures actually originate from the Milky Way's disk itself, but were kicked out.
Satellite galaxies of other large galaxies that are of comparable luminosity and environment to the Milky Way - referred to as "siblings" - are seen to be actively producing new stars, while the galaxies that orbit the Milky Way are relatively "tranquil" and "mostly inert," according to findings of the Satellites Around Galactic Analogs (SAGA) Survey.
In places, the Milky Way is split by dark right where appear to be hardly any stars at all.
The Milky Way Project, with over 2 million classification drawings made by 20,000 citizen scientists since 2012, is relaunching the website after upgrading the classification interface.
Such galactic fossils allow astronomers to reconstruct an important piece of the history of our Milky Way.
The Hostess Brownies made with Milky Way feature a soft chocolate brownie and smooth topping of caramel icing finished with a layer of Milky Way candy bar pieces.
It is said to be that the Disk-Shaped Milky Way Galaxy which is also located within our world, 100 thousand light-years in diameter.
Judging from images of these far-flung galaxies, they found the Milky Way likely began as faint, blue, low-mass object containing lots of gas.
Visitors to Gulfood 2012 are invited to sample the new Milky Lux range during the Gulfood 2012 tradeshow, in booth M-114, Sheikh Maktoum Hall.
Launched some 50 years ago by Famous Brands' founder George Halamandres, Milky Lane is South Africa's original soft-serve quick service/casual dining ice cream concept, and one of very few brands in this category to have succeeded where others have failed, including several global players.
The discovery of the galaxy, about 10 billion light years away from the earth, will help researchers understand how the Milky Way was formed.
The Milky Way has a bright future ahead of it--literally--predicts Ohio State University astronomer Stelios Kazantzidis.