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LITRE. A French measure of capacity. It is of the size of a decimetre, or one-tenth part of a cubic metre. It is equal to 61.028 cubic inches. Vide Measure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In addition to a standard field sobriety test, he said, officials are working to establish a saliva swabbing policy, which would assess THC in nanograms per milliliter as well.
"Syringes are the preferred dosing device for administering oral liquid medications," according to the statement, but acceptable alternatives are "cups and spoons calibrated and marked in milliliters."
Beyond blood levels of 21 nanograms per milliliter, any additional increase in vitamin D was associated with an increase in CRP, a factor linked to stiffening of the blood vessels and an increased risk of cardiovascular problems.
Some people that were shown 300 milliliters of soup ate 300 milliliters of soup; others ate 500 milliliters.
coli bacteria count of 167 colonies per 100 milliliters of water tested Saturday and 78 colonies per 100 milliliters for water tested Sunday.
Winek's table lists therapeutic level for codeine of 0.03-0.34 micrograms per milliliter (= 30-340 nanograms per milliliter).
FEATURES & FUNCTIONS: Machine uses Horkos's patented MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) system that reduces cutting fluid flow so that the amount of fluid is measured in milliliters per hour (1 milliliter = 0.0002642 gallon [US, liquid]).
Women with lower blood levels of vitamin B-12 lost more hip bone over a four-year period than women with higher levels--above 280 picograms per milliliter (pg/mL).
A man is considered effectively infertile if his sperm counts fall below 20 million per milliliter, and his fertility is considered impaired below 40 million per milliliter.
One microgram of GE2 per milliliter of growing medium cut histamine release by about hall, and 10 micrograms per milliliter cut it by an average of 84%, compared to untreated cells.
At entry, the patients had a median viral load of about 80,000 copies of HIV RNA per milliliter and a median CD4 count of 70 cells per microliter.
The biosensor can detect pathogens at levels of 500 cells per 0.03 ounce (1 milliliter).