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The problem now is that we are milling around too close to the tape and it is one mad rush to get the start right and that carries down to the first fence.
I attended the official opening of his gym in Newbiggin Hall, in Newcastle, this week when Sky Sports News sent up a crew from outside the area, a second TV crew were making a documentary on Glenn, and the usual hacks, telly and radio guys were milling around.
Among Ferris' works on display in Palmdale is one called ``Inspection Party,'' depicting Emperor penguins he saw milling around a C-141 Starlifter cargo aircraft.
We scouted out the campus where random humans were milling around, and I was convinced we were going to get the boot.
The most apparent infrastructure lacuna is the bathroom arrangement, but since the Japanese seem to have sorted this out in their capsule hotels (surely the parent of this idea) maybe mine is a flawed vision of night-time ply doors flapping open to reveal happy campers in dressing gowns and sponge bags milling around in search of a hearty tooth clean.
Drummer Chris tells I-Spy: "We were milling around LA playing in small clubs and then someone in the UK heard No Tomorrow.
As part of Langbaurgh Police's pre-Christmas crime crackdown Operation Hammer, scores of youths milling around the centre of South Bank were dispersed at the weekend.
His deft photographic manipulation of the figures seen milling around in the majority of the thirteen works shown here only enhances this impression.
A rescuer said: "There were a lot of distressed children milling around.
Put the call out for a German car engineer, and you'd expect to find a dozen trim, balding German men in early to mid-50s milling around the casting office.
Coltart, right, said: 'There were certainly a lot of girls milling around but I'm married with two kids so that was as close as I got.
Some of you might know of the terror of trying to tee off with six or eight people milling around behind you.