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Then he was very angry, and went without his supper to bed; but when he laid his head on the pillow, the pin ran into his cheek: at this he became quite furious, and, jumping up, would have run out of the house; but when he came to the door, the millstone fell down on his head, and killed him on the spot.
Like millstones do they work, and like pestles: throw only seed-corn unto them
Surely the time was gone forever when the broad river could bring up unwelcome ships; Russia was only the place where the linseed came from,--the more the better,--making grist for the great vertical millstones with their scythe-like arms, roaring and grinding and carefully sweeping as if an informing soul were in them.
4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Dominion Generation declared an Alert at its Millstone Power Station Unit 3 in Waterford, Conn.
based Millstone Medical Outsourcing has secured an additional 120.
Millstone Medical Outsourcing has wrapped up its 40,000-square-foot headquarter expansion.
Since the early 1980s, he has written extensively on not only the hourglass millstones, but also the Santa Trinita quarries near Orvieto (the source of the leucitic lava used in their manufacture) and, more recently, Roman millstone production in Britain.
In the Mann-Musgrave Ranges, the regional geology does not provide suitable sandstone slabs for large milling plates, and as a consequence the more rudimentary tjiwa appears to have been substituted for the troughed form of millstone.
com)-- A longtime worker at the Millstone Nuclear Power Station is the new head of radiation protection for the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone announced today.
The approval by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission allows the Millstone 3 unit to use water as warm as 80 degrees Fahrenheit, up from 75 degrees.
com is about to launch sales at The Millstone, a new eight-story, 14-unit condo in Long Island City's Queens Plaza North.
Overlooking the obvious spelling error in its headline (millstone is laughably spelt with one "l"), Mr Musson believes this will be a "significant" millstone.