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Mime artists believe in the power of arts to change things, but words don't move people, which is why they've stopped talking and started miming instead.
We even had a couple of mime artists to help communicate our new Ultra Silent and Super Silent ranges.
He will be up against a host of acts from beat-boxers to ventriloquists, and comedians to mime artists, when he next takes to the stage.
Peter Crouch scrapes into the choir - he's definitely singing something - but then we're into the ranks of mime artists, mumblers and mouthbreathers that include Gerrard, Lampard, Johnson, Carragher, King, Defoe and Heskey.
A spectacle so unique, it was worth tens of thousands of clowns walking on stilts; actors covered in body paint, swaying mime artists and all the other usual creative suspects.
MAGICAL tales, an eccentric band and comic mime artists are among the stage treats being lined up throughout Warwickshire as part of the Live & Local Scheme.
More then 130 guests were greeted by futuristic mime artists as they came to see the new marketing suite and heard Ken Shuttleworth and Paul Scott from Make Architects give a presentation about the scheme's distinctive features.
It ticks off every national stereotype in its Rough Guide to European Cliches, as our student heroes cross the continent football hooligans in London, mime artists in Paris and hash brownies in Amsterdam.
Marceau was inspired by the great mime artists of the era of silent movies including Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.
This year organisers are opening the door to anyone with any talent - from jugglers to mime artists, and from comedians to musicians.
Puppets, clowns, mime artists and stilt walkers entertained the crowd.
Unfortunately Sadie, 35, and her pals ended up looking more like a troupe of psychotic mime artists than erotic geisha girls.