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Mimer SQL features pre-defined collations for more than 150 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well as the major Indian languages.
By addressing the huge installed base of hundreds of millions of PC users, Microsoft Reader aims to quickly create an author's market of mimer base in our well-established forum for delivering valuable publications to experts in their fields.
Year-contract for vENtrumsreparationer and water damage, regarding residential AB Mimer housing in VEnsterENs Municipality.
Earsentreprenad for glazing in residential AB Mimer properties in VEnsterENs Municipality.
Mimer Environment shall declare the completed building according to Green Building and materials shall be assessed according ByggvarubedE[micro]mningen.
TIF, Technology and Sports Management intends to procure winter road in the area of the West as a mission against residential AB Mimer.
Tenders relating to security, surveillance, emergency services and intermediary emergency service as a complement to residential AB Mimer regular property maintenance to be maintained and carried out outside normal working hours, as well as external mail handling performed during normal working hours.