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Abnormally low hepcidin levels, caused by genetic mutations or secondary pathology, can be replaced by a hepcidin mimetic to restore iron homeostasis, added the company.
I would also like to see Jim go further, not so much in his general framework but in the applications of that framework: more specifically, I see his practice as privileging the mimetic component to the neglect of what could be a greatly expanded conception of the synthetic.
After summarizing the fundamentals of mimetic theory and outlining his argument, sources, and methods ("Introduction"), Collins devotes a chapter to the "Rivalries" of the Brahmanas, with Girard's lectures as the point of departure.
Brian Richardson locates the "unnatural" of unnatural narratives in their antimimetic characteristics and their effects on readers--the way that they "contravene the presuppositions of nonfictional narratives, violate mimetic expectations and the practices of realism, and defy the conventions of existing, established genres" (3).
This review is structured as follows: in this section we will provide a historical and technical introduction to modified gravity, which shall justify our subsequent endeavour in mimetic gravity.
Desire ...corresponds not so much to mimetic crises as they occur in primitive societies but to something at once similar and very different, which is linked to the lasting enfeeblement of founding violence within our own world....
mimetic finite differences, tensor products, locally refined grids, elliptic equations
As war becomes normative and increasingly more deadly, Girard's simple solution to end violence is conversion: "The choice is primarily to undergo a conversion beyond the morally black-and-white thinking that typifies entrapment in mimetic rivalry.
Rather, it is the encounter between exclusive groups and the excluded other (in the persons of Temple Drake, Lee Goodwin, and Ruby Lamar) that prompts a series of mimetic responses which culminate in conflict and violence.
Critique: A critically important work of seminal scholarship, "Mimetic Politics: Dyadic Patterns in Global Politics" is enhanced with twenty-four pages of Notes, a ten page list of References, and a twenty-one page Index.
Many critics of Girard have concentrated their concerns with mimetic theory on his nonsacrificial understanding of Christianity.