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5) Wilde's literary career in the 1890s gives evidence for Girard's mimetic theory, as first outlined in Deceit, Desire, and the Novel.
The man who wishes to be the freest, it turns out in Girard's analysis, is the man who is most bound by a mimetic inter-subjective relationship, a relationship, no matter how hard he try, from which he cannot disentangle himself (for an absolutely stinging critique of such self-blindness/delusion, one must read Girard's essay "Memoirs of a Dutiful Existentialist: Simone de Beauvoir" in this collection; Girard's analysis can be both playful and sharp, and often both simultaneously).
The aim of Varieties of Audio Mimesis is to elucidate the relation between both mimetic and abstract sounds as they reveal the depths of the natural world and the lineaments of our own phantasms.
Our null hypothesis that rejection or acceptance of mimetic and non-mimetic weaver eggs and cowbird egg types was independent of type of egg used in experimental parasitism is rejected.
Prometic will also receive royalties in relation to the sale of alkaline phosphatase manufactured using ProMetic's technology and revenues from the supply of Mimetic Ligand(TM).
Chapter 4 focuses on ekphrasis, on how the mimetic process itself can be the object of mimesis, illustrated by an exceptionally penetrating reading of De Quincey's 'Dream Fugue' in The English Mail Coach.
My approach uses both art history and mimetic theory, learned from the community of scholars working with tools uncovered by Rene Girard, to compose a picture of what happened during the long mystification and traditionalizing process.
Here is what is crucial in the resurgence of the mimetic faculty, namely the two-layered notion of mimesis that is involved--a copying or imitation, and a palpable, sensuous, connection between the very body of the perceiver and the perceived.
But what is music if not both mimetic and abstract (if such divisive words must be used)?
Drawing on the data from mimetic predicates, I will demonstrate that what Kita calls the "meaning of a mimetic" should not be attributed solely to the mimetic word itself, but rather result from more global information obtained throughout a sentence in which the mimetic appears.
TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company developing novel small molecule Smac mimetic drugs to treat cancer, today announced the poster presentation of preclinical data on its Smac mimetic drug candidate birinapant at the 54th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia.