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The marginal rate of substitution between environmental quality and a numeraire good for the mimicker thus differs from the low-wage person's marginal rate of substitution (at the latter's consumption bundle) essentially because of their different labor supply.
The other mimicker is the tubular variant of seminoma, in which the tumor architecture resembles gland-forming embryonal carcinoma yet retains the cytologic features of seminoma (Figure 1, B).
Plasma cell myeloma presenting with diffuse pleural involvement: a hitherto unreported pattern of a new mesothelioma mimicker.
This case reminds us that melanoma truly is the great mimicker.
77-79) A recent study (80) that carefully excluded mucosally based adenosquamous carcinoma (which is a mimicker of high-grade MEC) showed higher rates of translocation positivity in high-grade MEC.
The "great mimicker," melanoma, can simulate all patterns of PEComa morphologies and share positivity for HMB-45, Melan-A, and S100 protein.
Increasing the amount of D-Glucarate in the diet or adding it to any workout supplement can help balance hormone levels by eliminating excess estrogens and estrogen mimickers.
Ductal adenocarcinoma is relatively rare, is frequently associated and inter-mixed with acinar adenocarcinoma, and can be confused with microscopic mimickers.
By creating trust in and soliciting information from their opponent, mimickers bake bigger pies at the bargaining table, and consequently take a larger share of that pie for themselves.
They are mimickers and if we show them how to be greedy, backstabbing and everything else that will destroy humanity and nature, then that is what their future will look like".
of New Mexico) illustrate classic manifestations of child physical abuse by dermatological and radiological examination as a standard against which the mimickers of abuse can be compared, focusing on trauma to the musculoskeletal system, soft tissues, and skin.