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AMACR helps in excluding the benign mimickers of prostatic carcinoma and in confirming the diagnosis of malignancy by a positive signal rather than loss of signal.
What scientists do know is that estrogen mimickers and endocrine disruptors found in our drinking water supply can have profound effects on humans, interfering with the synthesis, secretion, binding, and action of natural hormones.
announces the development of Naftosafe PLP 3000 Series calcium-zinc powder heat stabilizers, for flexible PVC applications, which provide a wide processing window with adequate color hold and smooth flow of material without hazardous metals or potential estrogen mimickers.
A system that has produced minds that are not mere mimickers of their mentors.
This compound has been shown to inhibit glucose transport in adipocytes stimulated by the insulin mimickers vanadate and hydrogen peroxide (22).
Now there is evidence, based on just two decades of study, that certain types of chemicals used in plastics and pesticides act as estrogen hormone mimickers in the human system.
Pollock's discovery of the drip lies on the borderline, for while Pollock did "break the ice," as de Kooning said, opening up new possibilities of gesture and abstraction, he simultaneously created a personal style so marked that those who wished to exploit his technique were obliged to find their own way of doing so, or be mimickers.
Accurate tissue diagnosis can be very challenging due to the presence of either a small focus of cancer or due to the presence of many benign mimickers of malignancy like adenosis.
These frozen sections for diagnosis have many pitfalls, which include the overcalling of benign lesions as malignant; these mimickers of malignancy include rare neoplasms but, more commonly, reactive conditions.
The problem here is, because it has so many mimickers, the diagnosis is often delayed.