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What scientists do know is that estrogen mimickers and endocrine disruptors found in our drinking water supply can have profound effects on humans, interfering with the synthesis, secretion, binding, and action of natural hormones.
There were also two poster presentations: (1) "Artifacts and Organism Mimickers in Pathology" by Shelvin Minas Fowler and Victor Nanales (2) "Lipid Storage Disease of the Liver" by Brigitte Visagie who gave a talk on the same subject as well.
If so much energy is invested in labeling queers as mimickers, then that is because heterosexuality and the "binary opposition between masculinity and femininity" were never secure in the first place (1998, 85).
Following are fully illustrated chapters pertaining to seizures, mimickers of seizures, status epilepticus, and intracranial VEM monitoring.
Other mimickers of choledocholithiasis include flow artifacts, biliary air and a pseudocalculus at the ampulla.
This has become a critical question of people's survival, but few governments want to talk about the problem of hormone mimickers because it means thinking about the chemicals you use.
announces the development of Naftosafe PLP 3000 Series cadmium-based, mixed-heat stabilizers to provide a wide processing window with adequate color hold and smooth flow of material without hazardous metals or potential estrogen mimickers.
BRYAN, Ohio -- "Reye Syndrome And Its Mimickers," is a new compact disc produced by the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation.
These chemicals, which are called xenobiotic toxicants, hormone disruptors, or estrogen mimickers, can be linked to reproductive issues in women and cause infertility.
Poorly differentiated breast carcinoma is the utmost condition that probably deserves greatest consideration, yet it is just one of the mimickers to be ruled out.
Neoplastic mimickers of characteristic features of TB spondylitis TB spondylitis characteristi Neoplastic mimicker Pre/paravertebral abscess Ewing's cystic degeneration (4) Rim enhancement of abscess Cystic neuroblastoma/Ewing's (5,4) Extension beyond level of Neuroblastoma (5) bone destruction Multifocal Neurofibromatosis, (8) neuroblastoma (5) Disc involvement Metastases (3)
Unfortunately, lack of basal cell markers and positive AMACR staining can occur in small foci of benign mimickers of PCa, including adenosis (atypical adenomatous hyperplasia) and partial atrophy, and AMACR is positive in only about 80% of limited PCa foci on needle biopsy.