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I used to compare it to a dog p***ing, so my first memory of mimicking someone involved lifting up one leg and make hissing noises.
Common electrocardiographic artifacts mimicking arrhythmias in ambulatory monitoring.
It appears that almost any animal has unique qualities worth mimicking.
If it is mimicking then it would be very unusual and really exciting.
This paper proposes and examines one explanation for the existence of out-of-the-money convertible bonds: that there is mimicking behavior on the part of management at the time the security is issued.
By mimicking biomaterial's structure, composites can be improved, he said.
PolyMedix has developed novel small molecule antibiotic drug candidates by mimicking the activity of the host defense proteins, one of the oldest and most effective antimicrobial defense systems present in virtually all living creatures.
Jeremy Northam, 35, is the hero in this gory Hollywood movie about insects which start taking over humans by mimicking them:
Drug companies, eager to tap the ever-expanding market of frustrated dieters, are already trying to develop weight-loss drugs that would work by mimicking the effects of urocortin or elevating its levels in the brain.
Oceanographic Institution made statistical comparisons of each of the alleged imitations, the elephants' other vocalizations, and the sounds that the animals seemed to be mimicking.
Somehow, having her daughter watching her every move and seeing the youngster mimicking her got Neal's own juices flowing.
The rat findings indicate that cadmium can rev up unwanted cell growth by mimicking estrogen, says Martin.