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We believe that mimicking is possible for a number of reasons.
I was so excited by [the Poole-Tyack team's] ability to document the mimicking phenomenon because we had suspected it for some time in our own elephant-vocalization studies," comments Caitlin O'Connell-Rodwell of the department of otolaryngology at Stanford Medical School, where she does research on elephant communication.
The rat findings indicate that cadmium can rev up unwanted cell growth by mimicking estrogen, says Martin.
What I think endocrine disrupters have done is show us that they-and presumably other toxicants as well-can exert their damage by mimicking, blocking, or altering these natural signaling pathways," says McLachlan, who heads the Center for Bioenvironmental Research at Tulane and Xavier Universities in New Orleans.
359)--appear to exert their gender-bending properties by mimicking the actions of estrogen, a female sex hormone (SN: 1/8/94, p.
Consider, for instance, the ability of nectarless flowers to lure bees away from other plants by mimicking the coloration of nectar-producing blossoms.
Toffoli said the new "CAM-8" will represent the first generation of machines capable of mimicking physical processes with unprecedented detail and verisimilitude.